Vista SP2 stops recognition of wireless card

  ce79 21:40 04 Jun 2009

On installing SP2, after the reboot my wireless network adaptor is no longer recognised.

In Network Diagnostics etc the network card cannot be found, let alone fixed! However, in Device Manager it is apparently working fine.

Further reboots didn't fix.
The only solution was to use System Restore to get rid of SP2. Instantly on reboot all was happy :-)

I guess I can live happily without SP2 for the moment, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem, or has a solution?
Dell Inspiron 1525, running Avast antivirus, with Intel PRO 3945/ABG wireless card.

  Ashrich 23:31 04 Jun 2009

Go to the Intel site and download the very latest drivers for the card .


  mooly 07:22 05 Jun 2009

I found after SP2 that it took ages to connect, about 2 to 3 mins, even after several starts.
Fixed mine by right clicking the wireless icon and selecting "diagnose and repair". It found no fault but offered to send report, I accepted. and it's been perfect ever since.

  sunnystaines 08:26 05 Jun 2009

I have the same intel wifi and found a new updated driver click here

  sunnystaines 09:34 05 Jun 2009

intel link

click here

  ce79 07:23 06 Jun 2009

Thanks for your replies - Diagnose and Repair did nothing at all with mine. However I have found a newer driver (from to and will see how that goes!

  ce79 21:22 07 Jun 2009

Got the latest Intel driver, re-installed SP2 and still have exactly the same wireless card issue.
According to the Intel diagnostic tool, the card is "disabled or not present", but according to Device Manager it is working normally. The Windows 'Diagnose and Repair' can't fix it.
Any further thoughts? Thanks!

  sunnystaines 00:06 08 Jun 2009

have you tried the dell helpline?

  ce79 22:54 10 Jun 2009

I've emailed but heard nothing back yet. Will phone when I get some free moments in the daytime, and let you know where I get to.

  sunnystaines 08:22 11 Jun 2009

if its not a rip off 09 number give them a ring, if its like sony support they never reply I still waiting a reply since dec08 despite chase ups.

  ce79 20:56 15 Jun 2009

Spent an hour on phone with Dell guy, who recommended BIOS update. We actually did that while I was on phone - it hasn't fixed it.
In the end (after a lot of other fiddling around) he said it was a Windows problem and there was nothing more he could do.
So I am now rolled back to pre-SP2 again and biding my time!
I wonder whether re-installing SP2 *on top of* the BIOS update (rather than the other way round) might help. Does it sound worth the bother?!
I will also keep installing other Windows Updates and see whether anything else makes it worse (or better).
Thanks for all your help so far, do let me know if inspiration strikes.

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