Vista sp1 is here via updates, possible problems?

  AL47 10:48 25 Oct 2008

after i install if there is anything wrong can i remove it?

  [email protected] 11:59 25 Oct 2008

it's a brave or stupid man who replies to that! there shouldn't be there's a possible problem when pc powers up after reboot that it will stick at 90/100% and you will have to hard reboot, this may happen if it does you're generally ok after the reboot, WUD won't offer it if there are any known problems. if you have an internet security suite or anything with hips it may be an idea to disable it.
but i think you'll be ok.

  [email protected] 11:59 25 Oct 2008

you can remove it

  [email protected] 12:00 25 Oct 2008

i misread it!

  [email protected] 12:01 25 Oct 2008

when you're happy click here after this you can not roll back

  Pine Man 16:29 25 Oct 2008

Having had a faultless SP1 update for a couple of weeks it was handy seeing your link to clear out all the rubbish left over.

  chub_tor 18:31 25 Oct 2008

click here is worth a read/listen before you install SP1

  [email protected] 18:37 25 Oct 2008

found it click here a good while ago and a lot more besides.

  AL47 23:39 25 Oct 2008

no that i could go back was useful

its in and on, didnt take 30 mins

ill definitly clear out the junk after a while tho, thanks for that link

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