Vista shutdown message about task mngr running

  martd77 13:11 14 Sep 2008

When i shut down my vista very briefly a message appears on a black background with white writing and a red box and a blue box,after numerous attempts to read this before it disappears ive managed to see that it says "windows vista is shutting down,task manager is running do you wish to close this program first"
Thats not exact but along those lines,any one else had this experience?


  FatboySlim71 09:40 15 Sep 2008

Not had any experience of that on Vista.

When this happens have you had task manager running prior to shutting your computer down?

  martd77 10:04 15 Sep 2008

No its not been running,this brief message appears everytime,doeant seem to affect the pc working just wondering what the cause is because its also appeared on my daughters pc

  anskyber 10:26 15 Sep 2008

Have you used a non Vista task manager before, eg controlling startup programs and the like?

  martd77 11:09 15 Sep 2008

thanks but no i havent

  chub_tor 21:10 15 Sep 2008

I get an explorer.exe message on shut down on one of my vista machines but I know that this is caused by a longer than usual shut down sound. Have you changed from the Vista default shutdown sound or procedure?

  martd77 08:59 16 Sep 2008


My shutdown is very quick thats why i cant be 100% about the screen message its on for a millisecond,ive had to continually reboot to try photo it or just read bits at a time
Yes ive changed the default sound to a "pearl" sound scheme.ill put it back to original and post back if thats the cause,

  martd77 12:21 17 Sep 2008

chub_tor ive changed the sound back to default and the message doesnt appear now,thanks for that would never have guessed it was that!
Hope microsoft bring some sort of patch out so i can use the other sound schemes

  chub_tor 18:54 17 Sep 2008

Glad that it is sorted. I still use my "longer than normal" shut down sound. I ignore the message as it is not on for long and the system shuts down anyway. What I would really like to do is change the switch on sound but I haven't found that in the sound system on Vista.

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