Vista Shutdown

  rawprawn 13:29 07 Dec 2008

It is taking my machine over 2 minutes to shutdown (After logging off notice) I am sure it was a lot faster than that, but I have tried all I can think of with no improvement.
Am I wrong, is this normal?

  sunnystaines 13:35 07 Dec 2008


try running ccleaner before shutdown, or it may be a background process slow to shut down

  rawprawn 13:49 07 Dec 2008

Hi sunnystaines, I have already tried that and I have uninstalled all updates to before I decided there was a problem. I have also run WinAso, and tried to find a registry cure offered by someone on the forum but Vista was unable to find it. Off hand it was something like Sciop.msc (not sure if that syntax is correct but I used the correct one at the time)

  rawprawn 13:52 07 Dec 2008

How long does yours take? Am I just impatient?

  rdave13 14:14 07 Dec 2008

Have a look here; click here

  rawprawn 14:23 07 Dec 2008

Hi, I have looked at that, and checked mine which is already set at 1000. This is already lower than the 5000 suggested.
I hadn't already changed it thats how it was.

  mocha 14:33 07 Dec 2008

Hi rawprawn,

I had a similar problem with vista shutting down slowly, mine was caused by ZoneAlarm conflicting with Firefox and making the web browser unstable. It would then take an age to shut down.

  rawprawn 14:37 07 Dec 2008

Hi, I am running Kaspersky, and I have had this way before the trouble started.
But thanks for the thought.

  rdave13 15:16 07 Dec 2008

Changed the setting a while ago and just checked mine. Set at 200. That setting works for me and from clicking 'shutdown' (without logging off) takes 30 seconds to shutdown completely. Read somewhere that Vista needs time to close some services but that setting seems to work for me. Running PC Tools firewall plus, Avast and Defender, with SP2 beta.

  rawprawn 15:31 07 Dec 2008

sorry no good, I modyfied the setting to 200 but it still took 3 minutes & 15 seconds to shutdown.
I have tried System Restore, and even restored to a previous Acronis backup to no avail.
I am totally baffled

  AL47 15:39 07 Dec 2008

sometimes mine takes minutes, other times seconds, i dont really mind, i just press off, and leave so it doesnt waste my time really

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