Vista on separate Partition

  m800afc 15:52 16 Jun 2007

I have run the Microsoft Vista upgrade advisor on my laptop. I have been advised that there is not enough space on my C drive (13.06Gb), but I can install on my D drive (36.42Gb). C and D are partitions on my internal HDD that were present when I bought the laptop.
If I were to install on D, what would happen to my copy of XP Pro on C? Would this constitute a dual boot arrangement? Would I be able to revert to XP Pro? I would, of course do a full backup using True Image 10. Would this backup effectively reinstall the old XP Pro after I have installed Vista on D? The version of Vista I have is Vista Business "Express Upgrade". Are there any other things I should take into consideration?

  anskyber 16:14 16 Jun 2007

This may help. click here

  Pine Man 16:21 16 Jun 2007

1. Yes you would end up with a dual-boot system.

2. You could revert back to XP but the boot sequence would have to be restored if you removed Vista.

3. If you do a drive image of your complete hard drive (both partitions) before you install Vista then you could return your laptop to its original XP condition without any trace of Vista.

4. Anything else to take into consideration. Not really if you have done the TI image of your original system and it all goes belly up just do a restore!

  m800afc 16:41 16 Jun 2007

Thank you both for your advice. Two things come to mind. Firstly the laptop HDD is FAT32 and the info in Anskybers link says it should be NTFS. Is it possible to change the C and D drives to NTFS without losing data? Secondly, I have a spare external 80Gb NTFS drive I could plug into the USB of my laptop. Could I install Vista to this, the G drive? G drive is presently set to compress data, should I untick this? If I were to do a full backup to G drive, would the backup be damaged by subsequently installing Vista to the G drive? Would I be better off partitioning G before I start, so that Vista and Backup are on separate partitions?

  Pine Man 16:45 16 Jun 2007

1. You can certainly change your file system to NTFS without losing anything.

2. My advice would be to install Vista on your D drive and keep the external drive for backups and other files, which would be a lot safer than on your laptop hard drive.

  m800afc 16:57 16 Jun 2007

Thanks Pine Man,
Here is the plan....
D and G Drives are already empty. I will backup everything on C to G. Then I will reformat D to NTFS after which I sall install Vista to D.
Wish me luck ;-)

  Pine Man 19:44 16 Jun 2007

I think you will have to change C & D to NTFS. I'm not sure if you can have two file systems on the same drive. However it won't matter if you do change the whole drive as it won't affect XP on C.(Other than to change it to NTFS of course!)

Good luck :-D

  Jake_027 22:42 16 Jun 2007

Changing from FAT32-NTFS, just incase you need it.

click here


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