vista resource hog

  sinbads 19:19 27 Mar 2007

Been running vista for a while, vista came pre installed with my new medion 8820.

The computer came with 1gig of memory, I knew that vista needed more memory to run than XP ; but didn't think it would require 600mb just to tick over.

Thinking that this leaves little memory left for applications I ordered another gig of memory and fitted it today. no problem improved perfomance and speeded up applications.

However, looking at the perfomance it is now using 720 mb just ticking over.

Can anyone tell me why there is an increase in usage when the pc is ticking over with system idle percentage at max ?

  Totally-braindead 19:27 27 Mar 2007

I don't have Vista but it was my understanding that one of the better things about Vista was it used the RAM more efficiently and therefore it would load up more without effecting system performance.
I don't know if I'm right with this but I did read something that stated things along these lines.
Are you saying with 2 gig of memory its slow to load up programs?

  bennyhillslovechild 19:30 27 Mar 2007

I'm not sure, but I think the 'prefetch' function, that allows regularly used programs to load that much quicker uses up some of the system ram for holding the those programs in 'unloaded limbo' (and if 'unloaded limbo' isn't a technical term, it jolly well should be!) Or I could just be speaking out of my anus on this. It does happen sometimes :)

  sinbads 19:46 27 Mar 2007

Totally-braindead not sure about efficient usage of ram;but with 1gig psp9 certainly slowed things down. The comp has a dual core processor which i think makes better use of the available ram. Now i have 2gig installed no problem. I wac just curious to know why 1gig on idle usage was 600mb yet increased when i added another gig to 720mb.

Think it may be something to do with virtual memory being increased, not sure if i'm right or what value to set this with vista.

  Totally-braindead 19:50 27 Mar 2007

It was the prefetch thing that bennyhillslovechild has mentioned that I was thinking of.
Vista loads programs into the RAM that you use regularly to speed up the programs starting.

So from your point of view 1 gig is not enough?

  sinbads 20:01 27 Mar 2007

I would say 1gig is a minimum if you use graphic programs you would be looking at 2gig to be comfortable.

Must say i'm not all that impressed with vista ;but my old comp went caputt and the new one came with it preinstalled no wow here.

I have noticed there seems to be a lot of background activity as apposed to xp.

  anskyber 20:14 27 Mar 2007

Yes its the prefetch but also the aero functions. It also depends on when you check RAM use.

I have one of the Gadgets which keeps me informed of processor and RAM use. In effect it builds up during the day as you use the machine.

I have detected an overall faster speed as a result using Vista and it is noticeable compared with XP. The Aero function which fades windows in and out is very attractive but that naturally adds a very small amount to the time taken.

Vista will run more efficiently on machines with good RAM, I have 2 Gigs. Studies have shown that machines with less than 1 Gig are hampered by Vista and benefit from the Readyboost facility by employing flash memory.

  sinbads 20:39 27 Mar 2007

anskyber thanks for your response vista has a resource monitor in the task manager is that the same thing?

As a matter of interest looking at my page file allocation.
min 16mb

recomended 3067mb

current allocation 2345mb

Are these ok? what is the best settings?

  anskyber 21:08 27 Mar 2007

I use this in the sidebar. It's designed for dual core but there is also one for single cores. click here

It is different to task manager and resource monitor, mainly because it is always there in the sidebar to consult.

I am fortunate, I have a dual screen set up so I have located the sidebar to the second monitor. I'll scratch my head on the other point!

  sinbads 21:20 27 Mar 2007

Thanks for that mines a dual core so should be ok
just wandered if the page file is hogging some memory the 1.5 rule dosn't seem to relate nowdays,do i really need it enabled 2gig of memory and 680g hard drives?

  anskyber 21:23 27 Mar 2007

OK, I have now checked mine and it is the same as yours. I assume the "automatically manage paging file size" box is checked as mine is.

The default you and I have is the default for a machine with 2 Gigs of RAM. Given the auto sizing the actual amount of virtual memory will alter according to what Windows thinks you need. It will also reduce it when there is no pressure on vitual memory.

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