Vista Recovery

  sseurre 16:46 26 Oct 2008

Windows Vista has crashed on my laptop and wont recover using the usual methods.

Does anyone know how to recovery vista without a recovery or installation disk?

  aine 17:33 26 Oct 2008

have you got acronis on your PC? if you on boot up press f11 continuously before it loads, I assume you used safe mode, to try best working.Other than that i am sure someone will have a solution

  skidzy 18:34 26 Oct 2008

A possibility click here you will need something like Nero or Imgburn to create the disc.

" Windows Vista has crashed on my laptop and wont recover using the usual methods. "

Please explain what you have tried ?

Vista startup repair click here

Have you tried tapping F8 on startup to access Startup repair ?

  Audio~~Chip 20:17 26 Oct 2008

Seen the HP factory restore not to work the way it should before.

  sseurre 14:06 27 Oct 2008

I have tried to restart is safe mode, tried the last successful boot option but to no avail... It is on an Acer 5315 laptop...

  skidzy 15:10 27 Oct 2008

Did you use the Vista Startup repair from safemode ?

Im pretty sure Acer's have a recovery/restore partition that will let you reinstall windows or carry out a repair.

Possibly F10 or F11 on startup.

  chub_tor 19:12 28 Oct 2008

Does this help? click here

  chub_tor 19:16 28 Oct 2008

Or this from another Acer forum...

To use the <Alt><F10> method to recover their systems from the 'hidden partition'

Reboot your computer and hold down F8, from the menu that follows choose:

Repair your computer
Select keyboard layout, click Next then enter your user details
Click Command prompt
here you should be presented with 'X:\Windows\System32
type 'cd\' <Enter> without quotes
then at X:\ type 'mbrwrwin boot hdo:x' <Enter> without quotes
this sets the MBR to boot off the X: partition (ie. 'hidden partition')
now type 'Exit'

click on Restart and as soon as the Acer splash screen comes hold down the magic combination <Alt><F10>
and from there you can proceed to start D2D recovery

  chub_tor 19:20 28 Oct 2008

Found the official Acer page click here from this Forum post click here

  sseurre 11:09 29 Oct 2008

Thanks for your response but when pressing f8 i dont get a repair option?

Any other ideas?


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