Vista and Raid

  Kate B 21:32 30 Sep 2006

I keep seeing mutterings that Vista at the moment doesn't like Raid 0 - does anyone have any real experience of this? I'm assuming it will be ironed out by the time it hits the shelves (or at least, hoping it will be) but it will be a reason to hold off upgrading if there continues to be an issue with it.

  anskyber 21:41 30 Sep 2006

Might not be just RAID 0.
(which by definition cannot be true RAID but that is another story)

The MS upgrade advisor warns my RAID 1 will not work at this time, so like you Kate B I will have to hope it wil be sorted come the time.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:41 01 Oct 2006

Vista will not even recognise my motherboard's SATA RAID controller, no matter what I do.

  ectfabs 10:40 01 Oct 2006

Working ok on my nvidia raid controller (raid 0) 2x160GB maxtor sata drives asks for drivers on install but not the f6 way. System utillity shows some page faults but same drives on xp show same so may be drive going bad.

  Forum Editor 10:43 01 Oct 2006

by the time the code goes gold; in fact they'll probably be resolved in the next (and final) Release candidate (RC2) which will be offered to around 50,000 selected users within the next few weeks.

I think I'll be on that list, so I'll let you know.

  Kate B 14:36 01 Oct 2006

Great, thanks, Peter. It's my only reservation at present about Vista.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:11 01 Oct 2006

Having tried the last Vista Beta release, on an old slow HDD I was looking forward to trying RC1 on my RAID 0 setup and am most disappointed.

  ectfabs 17:33 01 Oct 2006

MR Misoffelees some raid controllers are supported in the os others you can download msi/asus/asrock all have drivers for nvidia/silicon image controllers

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:12 01 Oct 2006

I'll try that, I was trying to use nVidia software.

  josie mayhem 23:31 01 Oct 2006

if you get RC2 and I don't I will be gutted...

Have you got the 5738 release everyone is talking about?

  Forum Editor 00:22 02 Oct 2006

Gutted, why? I assure you it's not going to have anything startlingly new. All of the Vista features are in place now, and the RC2 (it probably won't be called that by the way) will simply be a build with some of the fine tuning that's come as a result of RC1 feedback. By the time it's offered we'll be so close to gold code that it won't make much difference, you may as well wait for the shrink-wrap.

As for the 5738 build, yes, I have it, but I haven't installed it - no time, and to be honest, no inclination. I've been living with Longhorn/Vista betas for a long time now, since the very first technical beta in fact, and I'm quite happy to sit back and wait for the launch.

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