Vista processes

  iqs 11:59 22 Jan 2008

Hello.I bought my first Vista Pc yesterday,so far no real problems.

I have noticed that I have 51 to 58 processes running using from 483 to 612 MB,and a few services running as well.

Can anyone offer advice on which processes and services can be switched off please.Thank you

  anskyber 12:06 22 Jan 2008

I have 80 processes running using 844MB of my 2 Gigs.

Vista will optimise its use of resources and I have seen from other posters it will consume around 40-45% of your RAM whatever the level of installed RAM.

  anskyber 12:10 22 Jan 2008

Things like the useful sidebar and aero, which I like, are not crucial to Vista which will reduce consumption but disabling them rather takes some of the pleasantness away from Vista.

  Coupon 13:17 22 Jan 2008

I have 26% of my 3gb used.

  lisa02 15:12 22 Jan 2008

I have 2 Vista machines.

I noticed that both machines use 30% of the RAM regardless of installed amount, one has 2GB and the other 3GB.

Unless the machine's slow I wouldn't kill off stuff.

  iqs 20:01 22 Jan 2008

anskyber,Coupon and lisa02.So perhaps the ammount of processes and memory used is the norm for Vista(so use to XP)....The Pc seems to run fine,not slow at all.I have just bought a Vista readyboost of Amazon,it cant hurt.
I would like to upgrade to more RAM,but I cannot see how the RAM is fitted,to be honest I cant even see the RAM.Maybe I should look into it at a later date.Thank you all for your help .Cheers


  lisa02 22:50 22 Jan 2008

click here To go to Acer's technical details for your machine.

It uses "laptop" memory, which is smaller. If you've opened the case it's probably hidden behind cabling or a fan.

  iqs 14:00 23 Jan 2008

lisa02 ,cheers

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