vista problems reported by visa?

  sunny staines 12:14 20 Sep 2008

booted up this morning, pc working OK.

But a vista screen "problem reports & solutions" came up on bootup.

showing the following

1] problems caused by nvidia graphics driver
2]download updates for nvidia geforce FX series graphics
3] download & install the driver for creative audigy audio processor
4] windows vista does not support creative game port
5] problems caused by DivX setup manager.

I have checked the relevant sites i have the latest nvidia and audigy2 drivers, do not use a gamers port, and downloaded the last divX aug2008 update.

do i ignore all this or reinstall the above drivers?

any advice please.

  sunny staines 12:44 20 Sep 2008

got divx update mixed up with ms directX.

the only divx x i have is part of the latest K-Lite pack.

  sunny staines 11:18 22 Sep 2008

problem not re appeared since, pc still running ok.
must have just been a glitch in boot up.

just wondering if anyone else had this too.

  chub_tor 17:59 22 Sep 2008

No it is not a glitch, you have Vista set up to report back to Microsoft when an error occurs and they are updating you on solutions to problems that your PC has reported that you have. It will pop up regularly until you turn off the reporting of problems.

  sunny staines 18:25 22 Sep 2008


Thanks for the feedback, I upgraded to vista last april first time it has appeared. I have taken no action as all seemed ok but did have me thinking about reinstall of drivers.

  Diversion 20:38 23 Sep 2008

Nvidia or GeForce graphics cards always show a conflict with Vista, I've got Vista Ultimate and as soon as my warnings came up about the graphics card I responded like you. But if you go onto Nvidia's website Forum, there are hundreds of complaints that Nvidia don't seem to respond to. I downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card and it still shows an incompatibility with Vista, but the card works fine it's just a matter of waiting for Nvidia to make a Vista compatible driver.

  sunny staines 20:54 23 Sep 2008


thanks for the info, the same must apply to creative too, I will leave alone if it ever appears again.

  [email protected] 21:26 24 Sep 2008

the thing is with vista it thinks it's own, often victorian drivers are the only ones any good. i dualboot on this pc and after telling a colleague the vista upgrade advisor was no good thought i would check it to see if it had improved. it came back all fine except the 280gtx which according to the upgrade advisor didnt work on vista, now there have been signed drivers out for ages but because microsoft do not have their own the card wont work!
if you load the latest SIGNED drivers from nvidia you still have to hide the 18 month vista driver on update or it will try to install it anyway, which it has no idea how to do frighteningly! it tries to ram the old one on top of the new.
this has been going on since vista came out it's either microsoft or nvidia being arrogant or just not talking to each other. i cant see it ever ending amd had the right idea and kept well out of it!

  sunny staines 22:16 24 Sep 2008

adman 2


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