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  1972pixie 08:01 09 Jan 2008


Newbie here, so hope i'm not going over old ground ?

My Acer has vista and I recently had some problems, I loaded Regcure which found 1500 or so problems ???

Once it had "repaired (????) " the problem I got more problems.

When I start the machine up I get 5 diffent fatal exception codes, these can just be closed by clicking "OK" but it's a pain.

Plus I get the error application problem with "launchapplication.exe" stating connAPI.dll is missing. When I googled to find what the error it refers to a Nokia application that I have uninstalled ?

Is there a program available that will scan for errors and help me fix them or is that just wishfull thinking ?

Thanks in advance

  bobbybowls 08:34 09 Jan 2008

i doubt if you had 1500 problems thats just a scare tactic to get you to spend money on a paid for version. if your pc is really that far gone you would be better saving all the files you want to keep to cd/dvd or an external drive and reinstalling windows.

have you posted the problems on this site?

  1972pixie 09:01 09 Jan 2008

I know your probably right about the 1500 errors, but I seem to be in a worse position now, I can see the :
i)5 fatal exceptions on startup
ii)I get a Mrouter error
iii) I get the launchapplication.exe
iv) O get the connAPI.dll error

Once I have clicked "OK" the system seems to run fine. It's just the pain at startup, and presumably I will get problems ? Hence why I'd like to get rid of the errors.


  gudgulf 09:21 09 Jan 2008

Does RegCure have a backup facility that you could use to undo its *fixes*?

If not try using Vista's System Restore to take the computer back to before you ran RegCure.

  1972pixie 09:27 09 Jan 2008

I've done a far bit of work on the laptop, since the problems started so don't want to restore. I was to busy to worry about it when it first happened I just need the machine to work, which it does. Butu now I would like to get rid of these few niggles.

  [email protected] 09:45 09 Jan 2008

follow click here should solve any major problems. never found a registry program that didnt dismantle something it should have left. i would advice just stick to click here or remove enties manually with regedit.

  gudgulf 09:47 09 Jan 2008

The chances are that your real problem was and is RegCure itself.

click here

Many more such complaints on the web such as click here and click here

As for your immediate Fix-It program will be able to replace or restore all or even any of the files/folders/registry paths broken by RegCure.In fact running a different program could even make things worse.

The only other option would be to run a repair installation of Vista click here and reinstall any programs that don't work properly.

I would also run scans with all your antimalware programs as I seen some suggestions on the web that malware has been found after installing RegCure.

Windows System Restore will not affect anything stored within the My Documents folder so any new work in there will not be lost.

It might be a pain to lose any system changes...but at least your computer will be working again.

Then you could post the reasons you ran RegCure in the first place...we may be able to point you to answers for the original problems.

  1972pixie 10:13 09 Jan 2008

Thanks Gudgulf, should I run the ccleaner as suggested by adman 2 ?

  [email protected] 10:23 09 Jan 2008

maybe an idea to run sfc /scannow before anything too drastic, it just checks and replaces windows important files, doesnt take long.

  anskyber 10:44 09 Jan 2008

This is not the first thread on here about serious issues with RegCure. I agree with gudgulf, a start up repair is the best start and leave any other things like Ccleaner should be left alone for the moment.

Dump RegCure and use CCleaner once your system is fully funtioning. I use the paid for Reg Mechanic and it's been 100% reliable with Vista.

  1972pixie 11:04 09 Jan 2008

Does the sfc /scannow work without causing problems then ? Is it dummy proof ?

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