Vista Premium & Service Pack 1 on Acer L/Top

  Fried~Chips 22:18 03 May 2008

Question realting my Acer Laptop Aspire 5920 which came with Vista Home Premium 32bit pre-installed.

I now have the Service Pack 1 for vista wanting to install via Windows Update. I have looked at acer uk support (which is Acer Europe website) for FAQ's and drivers/info about installing the SP1 on the Vista.

Ok, first thing is to update the BIOS which I did ok.

But the Acer website for my laptop shows a full set of different drivers and application versions for when you have installed SP1 on Vista.

What I do not understand and why I am asking is, am I suppose to now install all the drivers being offered from Acer site for my aspire 5920 laptop or just leave them. I am lost with what is expected to do with these other drivers for SP1

Its not clear if they are ony intended for upgrade from XP to Vista SP1 totall puzzled

please help, as I have noticed the Acer application on the desktop called empowering technology and their gadgets do not work.

  anskyber 22:27 03 May 2008

If you have been offered SP1 from Windows Update through the automatic updates route as opposed to checking it manually it means that you should be fine to just install the SP1.

  Fried~Chips 23:02 03 May 2008

Sorry i made a mistake, I was offered the SP1 and installed it on windows updates, its now installed

Problem is these Vista SP1 drivers and application updates that acer have. Acer do not make it clear if they need to be installed or not.

Thanks anskyber

  tullie 23:40 03 May 2008

Just install the vista updates,why are you getting involved with Acer?

  Fried~Chips 23:53 03 May 2008

the laptop has a lot of Acer branded application tools and as well as its a laptop.

I Have Vista SP1 installed.

Do I have to install the Acer Vista SP1 updates ?

  anskyber 09:13 04 May 2008

If SP1 and your machine are working then I say leave well alone.

Make sure your update settings are set to include recomended updates (not just important updates) If any of the Acer ones are recommendfed they will then come through to you.

Can you link to the page for the Acer updates for us to see here?

  Fried~Chips 12:31 04 May 2008

The link for the Acer Drivers & Downloads for my laptop is below

click here

Thanks anskyber

  Fried~Chips 12:33 04 May 2008

what I am suppose to do as below

"MS Windows Vista SP1
Please ensure that VISTA SP1 is installed on your system prior to installing these drivers!
Driver incompatibilities on a system without VISTA SP1 might affect usability."

The way i understand is I have to install all these now I have installed SP1 ?

Are you Puzzled by this?

  anskyber 12:46 04 May 2008

I have not checked all the drivers but many of the pre SP1 drivers have the same number as the post SP1 drivers, ie they are the same.

The warning is in effect do not install these drivers if you do not have SP1, putting it another way you should install the ones above which are for pre SP1.

Drivers are strange animals, generally if everything is working well then unless you really want the latest many people say do not bother particularly if as in this case they are the same for many.

There is therefore no requirement to download them unless (a) you want to or (b) you are having problems with your system.

The Acer Utilities are very much the same, you can update them if you wish.

  Fried~Chips 13:11 04 May 2008

Seems I have 2 problems one which I thought would be fixed with installing SP1 and other is after installing SP1

The problems I do have
1. Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet in device manager shows as disbaled.

I have enabled it and when I re boot the dam thing always goes to code 22 and disabled.

2. The audio has stop working, their are no yellow exclamation marks the laptop shows on screen when turning volume up & down and its not muted and not diabled by Fn key.

So now I am puzzled totally.

  Fried~Chips 13:37 04 May 2008

since SP1 update it had changed the audio to a thing called HD Digital option.

But the lan is a strange one.

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