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I am not sure if this is Vista related or a more general computer problem. I have Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba P-160 Satellite Laptop; I also have Office 2000 Professional loaded. The problem I have is that all Office programmes load OK but when I go to make a change in Excel or Word (change a typeface to bold, for instance), the procedure takes @ 30 seconds to complete with the activity circle going round all this time. This happens on all activities – preview, print, copy etc – and, to be fair, also happens on another programme I use – Family Historian. The programme loads OK but thereafter changes take an eternity to complete.
I also have a desktop PC with XP Professional and the same Office 2000 programme installed and everything works fine and, importantly,quickly.
The laptop had a new motherboard fitted about 6 months ago but I do not remember this problem arising immediately after that. I also fitted 4MB memory into the laptop some weeks ago and maybe the problem started then but cannot be sure. In all other respects the Laptop works fine with no problems with email for instance or, indeed, with a photo and drawing programme I use.
Any help and/or ideas would be much appreciated.

  Pine Man 15:20 22 Sep 2008

According to Microsoft, Office 2000 is Vista compatible. click here.

From the research I have done Outlook 2000, contained in Office 2000 will not work properly with Vista and some people have had problems with other applications but nothing like yours.

Have you tried a re-installation?

  Woolwell 22:29 22 Sep 2008

I found that I could not get Access 2000 to run on Vista. Don't know about the other parts of office as I use 2003 for that without any snags.

Interested about your problems with family Historian as I use that programme with Vista without any trouble at all.

Thanks for the replies. I have re-installed Office 2000 but to no avail. In fact, I have downloaded Open Office which works very well. I am surprised at how good it is. However, it still gives the occasional problems but not all the time. So the mystery deepens. With Family Historian, everything loads OK and changes to individual records work OK but when I want to see an individual's line (descendants and ancestors), it takes an absolute age for it to appear. Which, of course, is not the case with XP.
I am beginning to wonder if the best bet is to replace Vista on the laptop with XP Pro.
However, thanks again for your interest

  chub_tor 11:03 23 Sep 2008

Will either of your troublesome programmes run in Compatibility Mode? Right Click on the application icon, Properties Open the Compatibility Tab, tick the Run this program in compatibility mode to XP.

  Woolwell 14:33 23 Sep 2008

Which version of Family Historian are you using?
I am using version 3.1.

I have tried the Compatibility wizard to no avail. Interestingly, I have no compatibility tab on the properties tag. Does this mean anything?

I am using Family Historian 3.1

I think I have found the problem but not the solution. The problem, interestingly enough, lies with the printer. I have an Epson R265. When I switch the default printer to a non-existent printer, everything works perfectly. But as soon as I make the Epson printer the default again, the problems begin again.
I have tried deleting and reinstalling the printer but to no avail.
I suspect that all this started with Vista Service Pack 1 but I have no way of going back to find out. Unless, of course, anyone can tell me how.

  colinb1604 22:04 30 Sep 2008

Check with epson for compatibility issues, I had problems with my R200 as they do not do a driver for vista. I had to buy a disc for £10. You can get to message an expert via their website

Thanks. I will give it a go...or buy a new printer....or swap to XP Pro !!

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