Vista Not Installing....

  goodog 11:22 20 Feb 2007

Hi Guys

Newbie here so please bear with me as I tell you my sad story....
I bought a new pc last October from, well let's call them Mess Computers, you might guess who they are from that. I thought it had a good spec..shown below...

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5200+ - Socket AM2
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe ,AM2 ,nForce 570 SLI, PCIe - ATX Mainboard
2048MB DDR2 533MHz Memory - (2x 1024MB)
300GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB Buffer
Super Format SONY 18x Dual Layer DVD Writer +R/-R/RW/RAM
2x 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT - nVIDIA SLI™ Configuration
20" Viewsonic VA2012W Multi Media Widescreen TFT Display
Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music Sound Card

When the pc arrived however, it didn't have either windows XP or the monitor so to use the pc meantime, I used my old Sony CRT monitor and installed Vista 32bit Beta and was duly impressed by the new OS.
The monitor I ordered was unable to be obtained so I was upgraded to an Iiyama 22 inch WS LCD and very nice it is too. I then got my copy of windows XP and installed it only to find that one of the video cards didn't work and, after a bit of testing, it seemed the fault was actually in the MB so the PC was returned to base for repair and when I got it back again everything was as it should be with full sli config and a nice new WS LCD.
So, after a bit my thoughts turned again to Vista and this is where my troubles start. It just won't install...what happens is, it starts off properly and copies the files, then it starts expanding them, gets to 20% and restarts and when it comes back it gets as far as the start up screen with the green bar and then goes to a black screen, the green light remains on the monitor but nothing happens at all and the only thing I can do is abort the install.
This has happened with RC1, RC2, RTM and a borrowed retail version as I am reluctant to spend any money on this until I get to the bottom of what's wrong.
There are a lot of threads like this across the web and just as many answers, none of which really address the problem.
Any help anyone can provide will be gratefully received.

Thanks to all in anticipation and sorry for the rambling post....

  goodog 11:28 20 Feb 2007

I should have said....I am trying to perform a clean install, obviously since an upgrade from XP 64 isn't possible and, as I am only trying to trial it to see if it will actually work, I'm not entering a CD Key and also I'm selecting Ultimate as the product to install. I'm also trying to install this on a seperate IDE HDD of it's own, not the SATA. I think this is all the relevant data but, obviously, please feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification.

Thanks again for your help.

  anskyber 11:51 20 Feb 2007

Is this an issue for you? click here

  goodog 12:17 20 Feb 2007

Hi Anskyber

Thanks for the reply but sadly, no...I don't get any errors, it just sits there with this black screen and all versions I try do the same.....including the version that installed before the pc was repaired so basically the differences now has a full SLI config and is working properly in SLI mode using xp 64 and, instead of my old Sony CRT monitor I have an Iiyama 22" widescreen LCD. It has been suggested in some boards that the SLI set up may be the cause as nvidia don't have an SLI driver for the 7950GT card as yet but I don't want to influence anyone's thinking about this. However, if it was the SLI config, would it be enough to just disable one card until the install completed, then update the drivers or what.
Sadly, if this was the only change it would be relatively easy to narrow down but as there is teh change of monitor as well it may be either...I am at my wits end here.

  anskyber 12:28 20 Feb 2007

Have a read of KateB's comments here. click here

  anskyber 12:35 20 Feb 2007

I should have added that Kate, who may add to this thread had great difficulties with her install including having to flash her BIOS.

As far as I am aware she still does not have her SLI NVIDIA graphics cards working fully (although she has got Vista functioning)

NVIDIA have yet to release final drivers.

  Kate B 12:47 20 Feb 2007

That's an Nforce4 mobo, isn't it? I suggest you try what I ended up doing.

First, update your chipset drivers from within XP via the Asus website click here - drill down to your mobo model. Be warned, the Asus website is pitifully slow to download from.

Then get the latest bios version from the same place and update your bios using the Asus updater which if you haven't got it installed you'll find on the CD that came with your mobo - or I expect you can download it from the website. Make sure you leave the box ticked that offers to reset the bios to default.

Before you do that, just check in your bios for any non-standard settings - I had to re-enable Raid in mine, for example.

Once you've got your bios up to date, boot off the Vista DVD (setting the boot order in the bios to 1. DVD of course) and it should install without a hitch. But I think you'll have to flash the bios first.

  Kate B 12:48 20 Feb 2007

oh, and anskyber is right, there still isn't SLI support in Vista for 7x and 6x series graphics cards. The 8800 has SLI support but it's ropey.

  goodog 12:51 20 Feb 2007

Hi Guys

Thanks for this advice, I'll try this out and let you know, I'm at work just now so I'll be doing it later and get back to you. I realise that there is still no SLI support for the 7x cards but it's not far away...apparently so I'm happy to wait if I can get Vista installed in th efirst place.

Thanks again.

  goodog 13:02 20 Feb 2007

Hi Guys

A thought has just occured to me, I'm trying to dual boot XP64 and Vista but, is that even possible? It may seem a silly question but, looking at the MS website, you can't upgrade XP64 to Vista but only perform a clean install, this is also something different from the previous install where I only installed Vista RC1 I said, just a thought and probably not right at all but, what do you think?

  thms 18:20 20 Feb 2007

I have vista premium (32bit) dual booting with xp64 no problem. The only difference is I don't have an sli motherboard.

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