VISTA with no CD

  Madrat 22:16 19 Nov 2011

I need to re install vista home basic of a PC but don't have a disk, Is there anywhere I can download it from? I have the product key.

  onthelimit1 09:43 20 Nov 2011

You can't download it - you'll have to try and borrow one.

  Madrat 15:26 20 Nov 2011

OK thanks, I shall see if anyone has a disk.

  mole44 04:23 21 Nov 2011

Just a thought if you didn't get an operating system disc with your pc is it in a hidden partition. I have an advent pc and there is a partition with it on,you cn also make backup DVD's of it. Other than that try to get a copy of the operating system and use your product key to activate it.

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