Vista may not be perfect?

  carolineann 19:56 19 Jun 2007

But! i just purchased the following tonight via Ebuyer. £39.66 inc VAT for Microsoft Windows Vista For System Builders.

Microsoft OEM Windows Vista Home Premium x32Bit on DVD
I am re-building a system and had ordered a motherboard and memory a few days ago intending to just upgrade my system which ha Win xp.After looking on there web site i thought this price was to good to miss. click here

What do you think?

  Kate B 20:33 19 Jun 2007

Sorry, I don't understand what your point is.

  Forum Editor 23:18 19 Jun 2007

it's a good price.

  Coltch 08:12 20 Jun 2007

That is a good price for Vista, I paid £113 + VAT for Ultimate x86 OEM.

  carolineann 10:27 20 Jun 2007

Well it did for me last night,and though my link now shows the price being £67.21 inc VAT there were at least 500 copies sold at the price I had it for.

I must have been lucky and you obviously had to be quick off the mark.

  carolineann 14:21 20 Jun 2007

1725 in stock so if your in the market for Vista Premium OEM, grab it while you can.

  madgamer234 14:56 20 Jun 2007

many knew that it was the only way for ms to get a certain band of pc savvy users and builders to spend any money on their software.
it is better to charge a smaller amount than drive some users towards using cracked versions of vista.
this lesson has been learn't from the xp project whereby millions of users happily installed illegal copies.
logic,market forces and realistic prices seems to be the winning call for all.but it has taken a long long time for ms to wake-up to this.well done ms.
or was the vista project found to be sleeping walking through treacle?
pile it high and sell it cheap was always the american prayer.

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