vista logon constanly

  Hex314 15:00 01 Dec 2008

my vista premium keeps on going back to the logon screen about a minute if inactive, when active it will do it after a slightly longer period when im using the pc normaly, any sujestions would be helpfull.

  chub_tor 15:24 01 Dec 2008

Try Control Panel, Mobile PC, Change battery settings, Balanced (or the one with the radial bullet in it), Change plan settings, Put the computer to sleep, increase the time to 15 minutes or more.

  Hex314 15:32 01 Dec 2008

i have tryed the more obviouse settings to fix this issue but the power settings are not the problem i did not set it to log of in under a minute this issue appeard by its self no other person uses this pc.

  chub_tor 17:58 01 Dec 2008

OK what are your screensaver settings? Could the screensaver be kicking in quickly and then needing you to log back in afterwards?

Right click on the Desktop, Personalise, Screensaver, Check the Wait time and untick the box On resume, display the logon screen.

  Hex314 22:43 01 Dec 2008

normaly 10 mins expanded to never.

  chub_tor 11:21 02 Dec 2008

So is it still doing it?

  chub_tor 11:24 02 Dec 2008

Should have added that if so you may have some malware on your PC. I would do a thorough virus and malware scan. Use something like Spywareblaster, Superantispyware, a-squared free together with AVG or Avast.

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