vista keyboard

  mr gee 20:33 19 Nov 2006

Just been into pcworld and they have a keyboard and mouse set for sale marked ready for vista "oh good " i thought I am using vista I will get that set.--mistake-- when i got it home it wouldnt even let me install the software saying that my computer needed XP with Sp2 or windows 2000 sp4 so that new keyboard and mouse were no good took it back and got my cash back (phew) oh the maker of this Keyboard you guessed it ----Microsoft!!!!

  Kate B 20:52 19 Nov 2006

So what OS are you using? If you're using XP you should definitely have SP2. And Microsoft doesn't support any of its operating systems older than XP or 2000, so it's not going to supply drivers for a keyboard for an older OS.

  Devil Fish 21:04 19 Nov 2006

Kate B

he is using vista if you read the post

strange one i have never had to install software for any keyboard did you try it without installing the software on vista as you may well have found it had the relevant controllers pre-installed with the O/S

  Kate B 21:15 19 Nov 2006

*slaps self*

*makes note to read posts properly*

Apologies, mr gee!

Presumably the generic drivers with the OS should work with the keyboard?

  Scouter 21:37 19 Nov 2006

Depends on the keyboard, I have two MS wireless desktop set and a Logotec desktop set (keyboards/mouse) all three have software to make use of the advanced features of the keyboard.

  Forum Editor 00:31 20 Nov 2006

for a keyboard or mouse in my life. Vista will certainly recognise any Microsoft keyboard or mouse straight away, and they'll work perfectly.

It's true that special features may need specific driver software, but that will be sorted out when Vista launches officially - in the meantime you can still use the hardware with the generic drivers included with Vista beta RC1 and RC2.

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