Vista installed but not working fully.

  anskyber 18:22 06 Feb 2007

OK. So I have done it.

I followed every good practice guide from MS including dumping non compliant software, backing up (Acronis image) and installing any Vista drivers which worked with XP.

I upgraded from XP MCE to Vista Home Premium. It took 2 hours and several automatic re boots to get me there. IE7 would not load, nothing just a screen saying there is a problem and there was no immediate answer. I downloaded Firefox on a laptop and transfered to my PC, so at least I have a functioning browser.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite is non compliant so I am now with Avast av (thank you VoG and others) and Windows Defender is looking after the spyware issues until I have a chance to think. I'm using Windows firewall for the same reasons.

I have been bombarded with nag screens and my patience has been tested. Graphics work fine (NVIDIA 6800) Hardware, like printer looks OK and my network survived the experience. My files are there too.

I have no sound Vista is blocking the drivers for Sonic Solutions DLA and there are no up to date drivers to be found.

The actual update was punctuated with black screens but thankfully no blue ones yet.

First impressions, well it's lovely. I like it a lot and as a stupid early adopter (contrary to my rational thoughts) I think I've got away with it reasonably well.

  Totally-braindead 18:31 06 Feb 2007

You are braver than me anskyber. But you still have one hurdle to jump unless of course you hae done it as well.
Do your programs all still work?

  anskyber 18:40 06 Feb 2007

Not brave. Stupid and foolhardy is how I would describe it. My next step is to go to web sites (now I can in FF) and update programs.

Eg Diskeeper has to be updated in Vista. Others like Acronis are meant to be Vista compliant. Once I've done all that I'll post here with a general summary but I really worry for those who bought a PC with the upgrade voucher in the last few months.

  Totally-braindead 18:53 06 Feb 2007

Its what they've been saying in the magazine about the upgrades. Many of us on the Forum are computer literate and if we can't manage hows the poor soul who has no knowledge of computers meant to manage.
Even VOG gave up and went back to XP.
I've only got one computer so I'm not trying it.

  Kate B 19:05 06 Feb 2007

Well done on surviving your ordeal, anskyber. I'm going in tomorrow *dons tin hat* - see my latest Nvidia thread in this forum.

  VoG II 19:07 06 Feb 2007

See my post in this thread click here

  anskyber 11:31 07 Feb 2007

I have now got IE7 working again. Previously it would not even load. I used Firefox to get access to the internet.

It seems that one of the bundled pieces of software with my Canon scanner was blocking IE7. Omnipage 2.0 was the culprit and once uninstalled IE7 simply returned.

users may have better luck if you use AVG 7.5 Security Suite, the firewall does not run
with Vista (known factor and it does not install)
but all the other applications work fine from
the suite. I have bombarded Vista's firewall with
everything GRC, etc and it came out smiling. Avast also functions well (it did on the RC's as well). I installed Ultimate (OEM 32 Bit) deliberately as I knew about the x64 Signed driver and Patchguard problem issues. I
installed to a clean and reformatted hard disk
and apart from CL drivers I had no problems at
all. Both Ad-Aware and Spybot work fine in Vista and there is also a registry cleaner that is Vista compatible (tweaknow 3.1 Professional shareware). Any software pro will tell you if you want to do it properly then do a clean install. This works also with an upgrade disk simply start your install on a clean HDD then the install will ask you for your system disk proving your right to upgrade. The system will then install? Back up your files first then reinstall them when the OS is up and running. Note: Adobe Reader 8 is available site.

  Totally-braindead 17:10 07 Feb 2007

Alexiussooty you have some things wrong here. Its Vista we are talking about. You cannot do a clean install on a blank hard drive with Vista using an upgrade disk. The old OS must be installed first. There is a workaround which has been mentioned but your comment about it asking for your old OS disk is just not true.
"Any software pro will tell you if you want to do it properly then do a clean install" that may be true its certainly to my mind a better option but you cannot do this with an upgrade disk any more, not with Vista.

  anskyber 17:41 07 Feb 2007

With an upgrade DVD you get two options. Update, which keeps all your settings and files or clean install in custom, which leaves you with the OS only by overwriting the existing OS.

It is not truly a clean install because you do not start with a formatted disc because the upgrade route requires an existing OS to be present.

Unless the workaround is used only a full retail copy allows for an install on a clean disc.

  pk46 19:21 07 Feb 2007

Sound default try digital mine won't work with speakers as default.
Never heard of Sonic solutions if it's a card disable it and use onboard.
You might do better by installing again.

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