Vista & Indexing

  Pine Man 19:10 14 Nov 2008

I have had Vista for about 18 months and have had no problems whatsoever with either speed or performance.

I also use Outlook 2007 for emails and have done so with both Vista and XP (before I had Vista) and it never seemed to open and operate particularly fast.

This months PCA has an article on speeding up Vista and I was interested in the indexing aspect and I followed the advice and disabled it.

I don't know about the rest of my PC but Outlook opens in a flash now! I rarely search the contents of my PC so I am not sure yet whether the loss of indexing will cause a problem. If so I could try something like copernic but does that have to index as well?

  mooly 08:23 15 Nov 2008

I have been tracking down the cause of my constant HDD thrashing,
click here

The difference is unbelievable.

  martd77 14:48 16 Nov 2008

ive just started with this problem today ive put it down to an update casing it because ive not had any disc thrashing in the 10months ive had vista,

where can i turn off the "indexing" i cant find any reference to "searchindex.exe" in services

  Pine Man 15:56 16 Nov 2008

Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Scroll down to 'Windows Search' and double click on it. From the new dialog box select the 'General' tab go to 'Startup Type' and select 'disabled'. Click on 'Apply' then 'OK'.

  sunnystaines 16:07 16 Nov 2008

I block nero at start up so get no problems from it. it not a regular used program.

  mooly 18:47 16 Nov 2008

What I would do as well is run "reliability and performance monitor". Just click the start Orb and type that into the search box. When you have figured out whats what, just click the disc drop down arrow, then minimise the whole lot and when any disc thrashing starts just bring it back and see whats hogging the disc.

  Pine Man 19:33 16 Nov 2008

...if you have already turned off indexing it will probably be quicker to gain access to 'reliability and performance monitor' via 'control panel'.

  mooly 07:47 17 Nov 2008

About 3 or 4 seconds, typed slowly R E L and there it was.
Tell you what I did find though, had me really puzzled. Made a full Acronis image the other day, I knew I would need it as I was playing around with some specialised software/hardware and I wanted to be able to go back.
Ran the full image restore--no problem but the free space on the C drive was showing 26Gb instead of around 32Gb. Ran disc cleanup deleted restore points, ran CCleaner. Same !! Reboot-- same. Switch off for the night. Next day --same, but after about 30 minutes checked again and the free space was back up. Indexing maybe ?

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