vista IE9 and slow internet response

  leedhamtroll 22:15 03 Jan 2013

I have an 8 year old laptop with an inter celeron chip 1.6 ghtz, 1 gb of RAM. I am currently running IE9 with Vista service pack 2 installed. Internet page loading is tardy to say the least. I also have a works laptop, again quite old, with an intel core 2 duo (1.66 ghtz)with 2 gb of RAM and this runs fine using the same BT wireless hub.

Is my 8 year old laptop just too slow?, CPU usage goes up too 100% when accessing pages but goes down to 2 - 5 % once in idle mode.I can't see anything in Task Manager that might be slowing things up

I have Microsoft Security essentials installed dual core

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

  rdave13 11:21 04 Jan 2013

Check task manager again and see how much memory is used with the browser you're using. 1GB ram is a bit low for Vista.

  leedhamtroll 13:27 04 Jan 2013

thanks for that

the green "bar" is running around the 750mb mark

the details below say that

Physical Memory is total 1013 (presumably the 1 GB of RAM) cached 410 free 11

thanks for your response, do you have any suggestions to improve performance?

  rdave13 10:03 05 Jan 2013

You could run the Crucial memory scan to see if it's worth upgrading the ram seeing it's an old laptop. You should see a difference, , select system scanner.

  leedhamtroll 19:13 05 Jan 2013

thanks for that - I've learnt a lot from investigating your responses and I shall investiate adding an extra 1gB or two ( I have the 32 bit version so apparently thats the max I can add)

thanks again

  rdave13 19:31 05 Jan 2013

Also run something like Ccleaner, click here, unless you use it anyway. Be aware it cleans all your history, passwords, cashe etc. so read the help files if you need to keep any settings. I use it in default mode as I never keep passwords saved on a PC.

  rdave13 19:38 05 Jan 2013

Sorry if you already use Ccleaner but some useful tips here.

Again I use it's reg cleaner but don't bother to create a backup. It's good practice I know. One of the best utilities for Windows in my humble opinion.

  leedhamtroll 22:49 10 Jan 2013

have now added an extra 1GB of RAM and it has made a sensational difference to browsing, photo editing - just about everything. Many thanks for the advice. I've been thinking it was just Vista in combination with a duff laptop all these years!

  rdave13 17:54 11 Jan 2013

Thanks for the feedback, nice to know you've got a 'new' machine.

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