Vista - IE8

  marble 15:52 25 Aug 2010

Been using this machine for 3 years - for the past 2/3 weeks IE8 keeps freezing several times a day.

I get a sort of white foggy screen and have to Ctrl Alt Del for the Task Manager to kill the application.

I have looked for Add Ons in the Tool Menu and disabled two that had recent dates, there is no difference.

I don't know what I should be doing to try to cure this. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  peter99co 21:24 25 Aug 2010

It will go foggy and show -Not responding if the processor is busy. Why is it busy? If you can use Task manager to show you more it may give you a clue. Let it run and see if it clears. Look into Indexing Processes (wait for guidance from others on this)

  marble 11:31 29 Aug 2010

Thanks for that peter99co. Sorry didn't reply earlier .. had a tummy bug.

I did have a look where you said but was a bit stupid and couldn't get my brain to function. I will remember about the going foggy and not responding information.

I did, however, discover that when I looked in Add/Remove Progs for things dated about the time the problem started, that there was a little online game programme and a toolbar I vaguely remembered installing (stupid, I know). I uninstalled them and rebooted and my PC is as happy as it was before.

I had always previously had a policy of not installing things, must have had a brain fart.

I am happy now, thank you.

  marble 22:06 29 Aug 2010

After writing the above I had 2 or 3 freezes.

I did a 'Fix IE8' from the Microsoft site and a shut down for half an hour. It has been happy for the past couple of hours :-)

  marble 23:07 01 Sep 2010

I got to the bottom of it all.

McAfee had downloaded an update to their Security Suite 10.

Now that have I ditched the software and used the removal tool on it, installed Microsoft Security Essentials, all is sweet and PC runs smoothly, in fact smoother than it has been doing for the past 3 years when McAfee was on it.

I am over the moon :)

  peter99co 10:55 02 Sep 2010

Well done and thanks for feedback. MSE is more gentle and hopefully just as efficient. It is set up for Vista use anyway.

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