Vista Icons driving me nuts!! Please help.

  TonyTT 20:20 24 Oct 2009

Hi there.

I bought a laptop with Vista on it a couple of weeks ago (I now know why it was so cheap). It is the first time I have used Vista. My snag is with the folder icons. I can’t seem to get them all the same. I want them to be medium size. But every time I move them around they go back to being large again. Also, if I drag and drop folders from say my memory stick they always come over either large or in a different format. Is there anyway I can have all my folders default to medium sized icons….and stay that way? Also, if I put folders from my memory stick that are in a different format onto my laptop, can I have it so they transfer into Vista as medium sized icons automatically, or do I have to manually change them every time?

Thanks….I have had a good look through the forums to see if I could find an answer to this before posting…but couldn’t.

Cheers again.

  BRYNIT 22:38 24 Oct 2009

From the help files.

Apply the current view settings (such as List, Details, or Large Icons) to all folders on your computer that are the same type as the folder you currently have open. (Documents and Music Details are examples of folder types.)
In the currently open folder, click Organize in the toolbar, and then click Folder and Search Options.

In Folder Options, click the View tab, and then click Apply to Folders. (To switch these folders back to their default settings, click Reset Folders.)

  mooly 12:10 26 Oct 2009

Are you up to date with SP1 and SP2 ? as I think that ironed out some problems.

They can have a mind of there own sometimes... although I must say from doing a clean Vista install and setting them all up from "views" on the toobar for each folder and sub folder they have been fine. I also have a custom picture for each one, kept as a small image in a separate folder... if you do that just remember not to have "delete thumbnails" ticked in disk cleanup.

Folder view details seems to get "lost" when you copy to USB flash memory etc and back again... so I have found anyway.

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