Vista home premium won't/can't boot

  ian3 09:03 22 Aug 2007

New pc 2.8.07, vista preloaded - no problem until yesterday then I switched on at 3pm to hear a loud ticking noise which continues whilst the pc is on, then it flashed through the initial start up to 'Boot from CD' then a screen headed 'Phoenix Award BIOS Set up utility screen' appeared with a small red flashing window in the centre saying'Quit without saving (Y/N) N'.
It didn't react to any key, the only way out was to switch off with the main (front) button.
Various attempts were made to get it going, F1, F8, etc etc. Then I put the recovery disc in which started when I pressed a key when the start up got to' Boot from CD'. BUT nothing happened and it went back to the red window. Pressing some keys on trying to start merely recycles the attemted start up rather than go to the Phoenix etc window.

I checked every mortal thing and again this morning but all is in place and functioning. I had installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 (the latest version in the morning) and did the tuition program without any problem then switched off.
I am writing this from my second PC.

Any help appreciated

  anskyber 09:05 22 Aug 2007

Take it back to the retailer since it is so new.

  anskyber 09:10 22 Aug 2007

PS I assume your machine is 32 bit, dragon is incompatible with 64 bit Vista.

  ian3 09:20 22 Aug 2007

Thanks anskyber. I have sent details to Medion the manufacturers but not heard anything yet but returning is a distictly possible option.

Secondly, yes it is 32 bit but I still had to download a patch from Nuance even though it is their latest version of Naturally Speaking but no problems.

  Kate B 11:13 22 Aug 2007

Loud ticking noise sounds like the hard drive, and if that's not working the machine won't boot.

  ian3 11:24 22 Aug 2007

Thanks Kate B. I thought it might be a possibility but tried to dismiss it from my thoughts. Should be interesting to hear what comments the manufacturers come back with (eventually).

I'll post what eventually happens but if anyone else has any other thoughts????????????

  anskyber 11:37 22 Aug 2007

I agree with Kate. If you want to play to help find out try these sounds of dying HDs. click here

  ian3 11:56 22 Aug 2007

Checked with the site recommended (thanks) and the nearest sound is head_damage_3.wav
However the actual sound on my pc is a very rapid constant ticking (quite loud) but without any other noises which those on the Hitachi site seem to have.

  ian3 22:58 23 Aug 2007

Just to update you with some good news. I used my second pc this morning to print off some docs and to do so disconnected the printer from the disabled pc and reconnected to no 2 (XP Pro). No problem and left it connected.

This pm having received an email from the manufacturers that they wished to speak, I rang them and powered up the new pc so I could describe the problems. Lo and behold the pc fired up as normal, no noises or hiccups. Stopped call to investigate - ran diagnostics particularly on the HD but everything came up roses. So rang the manufacturers and spoke to the tech rep. He said he had heard of this happening a couple of times and said it was the drivers/usb and perhaps other things which had had indigestion and suggested I update other item such as routers, both printers etc etc which I have done and have rebooted several times without any hint of malfunction (fingers crossed).

A happy chappy thanks you for your help and hopes that this may halp others in a similar predicament.

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