Vista Home Premium vs Business

  Bob Bob™ 23:15 22 Dec 2008

Well, I have a dual boot situation with Vista Home Premium and XP SP3 and Vista Home Premium is slowly nailing itself in a coffin.

Home Premium keeps giving me Permissions errors, I cant copy a file, burn it to a CD, open it and also it wont save network passwords and what not which is very annoying since Im the family's computer technician and this problem messes up a lot of networking tasks.

XP SP3 will save passwords and has no permission annoyances so Im thinking of moving that.

However, my mam got a Toshiba Satellite Pro P300-19Q laptop (I have a Toshiba Satellite P300-150) and that has Vista Business. Business hasn't exhibited any permission errors and it also remembers passwords just like XPSP3.

I was a Vista skeptic and Im slowly warming to it for everyday use (I am an audio engineer so its why I have XP as well) but part of my everyday use is working on networks and its just ANNOYING! Pardon the frustration.

Now, to the point.
Im quite curious, what would happen if I used the recovery disk for my mams computer on mine so I could in theory have Vista Business?

Now, that may cause some legal problems but, since my mams computer is so new, what would happen if I switched the Vistas?

What I mean by that is take Business off my mams and put it on mine and put Home Premium on my mams using the two recovery disks from our respective machines.
How would I go about that? Presuming it would work :P

Thanks for any help

  Forum Editor 23:46 22 Dec 2008

The recovery disks don't contain the operating system files, they are on hidden partitions on the respective hard drives.

Apart from that, OEM versions of Windows are only licenced for the new computers on which they are originally installed - you can't legally install the software on any other computer.

  Bob Bob™ 00:15 23 Dec 2008

"The recovery disks don't contain the operating system files,"

That may not be the case with Toshibas.

Within two weeks of having my new laptop my harddisk broke and I had to send out for the recovery disks as when I got the laptop back it had Windows 95 on it just to get the disks running.
With the recovery disks Toshiba sent me ( I was meant to make them myself but didnt) it installed Vista along with some toshiba goodies.

Anyway, is there anyway at all possible to sort out the permissions thing and the remembering network passwords problem?

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