vista home premium take 3

  [email protected] 07:40 27 Jun 2007

built a new pc last week and made a vista one out of the bits left over. i have tried and given up on vista twice, as the games i play dont get on with vista. however i wont give up for the following reasons, if it's ok i will post my findings/ progress here. firstly this is my view on the vista xp thing:
looks nice
all hardware/ driver focus will to toward it
direct x 10

nvidia drivers
resource hungry
seems to me a retail beta (it's sold yet base code has been/ is being rewritten dramatically)

very stable
much less resource hungry
been around abit!

less pleasant on ones eyes
all hardware/ driver support now focused on vista.

the set up:
asus nodusm motherboard
amd athlon 64 3500+
2 gb ddr2 5300 677 mhz ram
inno 3d 8800 320mb gts
hitachi 160 gb 7200 rpm hdd
hitachi 80 gb 7200 rpm hdd
cd/ dvd read/ writer
kaspersky 6 internet security

since i last used vista there have been mainly security undates from microsoft, all other advances appear to have been from software hardware driver improvements from third party companies.
i know the setup is limited and i am not seeking performance simply stability from the applications i use, when im happy i shall install vista on my main pc. from games and nvidia forums people using the 8800 series gpu seem to experience more stability, i also use this range on my main pc.
i am using only windows signed drivers, currently 15824 downloaded from the nvidia home site, i use the 1604 beta on my xp pro set up all new drivers are installed in safe mode using guro 3d drive cleaner beforehand.

world of warcraft:
2 months ago hard crashes/ lock ups dire frame rates, certain parts of outlands single figure frame rates, since i last used vista there have been 3 new nvidia drivers and a boatload of blizzard vista fixes, the result is a playable game, im trying every setting turned to maximum with no custom u/i, 3 days not one crash, was getting about 1 every hour before. frame rates 80/90 outside outlands, this drops about 10 in the outlands. much progress, im impressed!

lord of the rings online:
still a nightmare, installer lock ups uac getting in the way of data transfer, installer lock ups, have put on hold for a while as the game sucks anyway IMHO, shall follow the forums.

supreme commander:
many problems, reports incompatibily problems in vista log, game is fully patched and states prefered o/s vista not xp (as does lord of the rings!)

blizzard (wow) obviously have a lot of interest to get vista working right, and seem to be trying to fix the problems rather than blame nvidia, although they do this on the forums very often.

the pc is set up to the net with a bt home hub via ethernet, it has a canon ip1200 printer connected and an external seagate hdd, all hardware with the exception of grx are using drivers found by vista, the only problem i had was with a creative webcam, and drivers shall not be released. everything else fine, no ! in device manager. all hardware is fine.

it took 3 attempts to get file back up to run, i think something is using the external hdd while im trying to back up, i shall investigate.

apart from that in the short time i have been running it no problems so far.
i shall report any further findings

  [email protected] 08:04 27 Jun 2007

blizzard downloader, program compatiblity problem report sent
driver software installation, installed generic software report sent (who's pc?)
nvidia access manager, stopped responding report sent
internet explorer, stopped resonponding report sent
application launcher supreme commander, compatibilty problems report sent
application launcher LOTRO compatibility problems report sent.

by the way, if you're getting an 8800 buy the gts, possibly the 640mb, but it's half the price of the gtx and the performance simply isnt worth it if you want gtx clock the gts after fitting a better hsf.

  [email protected] 15:40 28 Jun 2007

nothing to add to the problem list, wow is running at 130 frps, it's just too bulky and sluggish, if i run wow, pc wizard and ie7 it slows the game down! 61 running processes! if i turn off the sidebar it speeds up a little, but this if like running a 512mb pc with onboard graphics and xp.
it handles 2d programs quicker and keeps up with whatever i throw at it but any 3d applications seem to drain it, i guess its better as its not crashing, but this together with the missing letters on ie7 is enough to keep it off my main pc for the time being.

  [email protected] 10:21 02 Jul 2007

still no crashes, just one addition to the problems list 'windows defender command line details sent' a little puzzling as the pc hasnt been on since my last post. world of warcraft still no crashes very poor frame rates though but still impressed by the 8800 gts for quality of images, am still wondering what is using the resources and why, its definatley graphics as vista handles multitasking and dual core technology (i know its a single core cpu) very well, it does drain an awful amount of ram when gaming (about 70/90%) of 2 gb on a rather old game and cpu usuage seems to be aroung 40/60/% while a game is running.
and im not getting any fonder of the fading windows which seem the same slow speed what system i try vista on, maybe you can turn them off, which is something i dont want to do as it's a feature i have paid for, it still seems, to my eyes, to be xp with a vast resource hungry 'blinds' add on.
and im now reading some future games are being written for direct x 9L (direct x 10 for xp) i wonder if they will sort this, surley they have a huge amount of customers who play games?

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