Vista Home Premium 32bit or 64bit & Memory ?

  Audio~~Chip 00:54 25 Oct 2008

Going to build myself a new machine desktop tower in time for christmas. I understand Windows XP is restricted from using more than 4GB memory and also windows updates get cut off in 2009

Ok, so Vista it is. I am looking for advise based on using 4GB memory on Vista Premium but will the Vista Home Premium 32bit work and be able to use the full 4GB of memory of do I have to use Vista Home Premium 64bit.

greatfull for any pointers/help in not toooo techie terms.

  Audio~~Chip 00:56 25 Oct 2008

Plan on using a Intel Dual or Quad core if using 4Gb some pointers on a combination of Dual or Quad with 4GB = 32bit or 64 bit. which is the best.


  Kevscar1 08:27 25 Oct 2008

It really depends on what you can afford.
I've got.
2.6Ghz Quad core
8Gb Ram
Dual 1Gb 9800 GX2 graphics
750Gb HD
64bit Vista Home Premiun
24in Widescreen monitor at 1920 x 1200 and everything just flies.

  Pine Man 08:57 25 Oct 2008

4GB of RAM is the maximum that Vista 32bit can utilise but that also includes any other RAM such as on-board stuff and system RAM. The best you are likely to achieve is 3GB of the 4GB you install being utilised.

Not all software is compatible with the stringent requirements of Vista 64bit but it can use more than 4GB of RAM.

  Kevscar1 13:45 25 Oct 2008

I've only had 2 software problems with 64bit. Scanner but it was 10 yrs old.
Splinter Cell and Pandora tomorrow work but Chaos Theory won't for some reason.

  Audio~~Chip 21:27 25 Oct 2008

Pine Man not sure if I understand what you say. Vista 32bit Premium can take upto 4GB I do understand but that also includes other RAM such as on-board stuff. Erh you mean 4GB Ram less onboard VGA or are you saying if a PCI Express graphics card is 256MB then this is effected.

  Audio~~Chip 21:28 25 Oct 2008

Whats the main problems with a 64bit operating Vista version. is it mainly system drivers ?

  Kevscar1 23:02 25 Oct 2008

Some older software may not work such as the game I mentioned above. However I am still using Office 2003, Paint Shop Pro 7 and lots of old games

  Pine Man 08:04 26 Oct 2008

The maximum amount of RAM that vista 32bit can cope with is 4GB. So if you install 4GB anything else in your PC that contains RAM will be deducted from the total and that is all that can be utilised by the o/s. That certainly includes graphics cards.

  Audio~~Chip 11:58 26 Oct 2008

Take it then 64bit doesnt reduce in size seen like you say above if a PCI Express card is fitted. Thnaks.

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