Vista freezes after i connect usb printer

  petemate2003 11:22 29 Jul 2008

Hi guys,
i got a problem with my notebook Lenovo X300 with
Vista Business. Almost every time i connect a printer through USB Vista freezes and i have to do
hard restart. I have two different printers from different companies and both do that. I didn't install anything and it all started do itself.
Please help. Pete

  dms_05 16:31 29 Jul 2008

It's possible your laptop is in a loop trying to find the correct printer drivers.

Vista contains a great number of device drivers but if your printers drivers aren't within this set then you will need the Printers Installation CD - or you could download the drivers from the printer manufacturers web site. Make sure it's the Vista driver you download.

  petemate2003 20:02 29 Jul 2008

Thx for advice, i'll try uninstall all drivers for both printers and download new, but i don't think it's going to help, because one printer is HP and second is canon and they both worked right till now.

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