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Vista Forum - Is it still needed?

  Peter 18:37 08 Oct 2009

This forum, and for that matter the Windows 7 Forum, has hardly any traffic. Perhaps the Windows 7 one will pick up after Windows 7 is released, but the Vista forum could easily be closed down and any questions directed to the Helproom forum.


  tullie 04:13 09 Oct 2009

And maybe theres no need for Absolute Beginners either?

  sunnystaines 09:59 09 Oct 2009

agree with that point

  Peter 17:16 09 Oct 2009


Yes mooly, I agree; only goes to prove yours and my point!


  sharpamat 18:20 09 Oct 2009

sorry but I do thing you cannot do is make people post questions to the correct forum. extra forums were added to the site because they were needed. If only one forum is used some people needing help get missed.

XP Vista and Win 7 may have simlar answers Win 7 No one knows because we are still pre realease. I agree this may well pick up after realease and if all are poster in Helproom along with comments ect there will be page after page. Even this subject I feel should be in speakers corner

as for Absolute Beginners threads here require a much more detailed explination.Most of us are not experts and only try to help. If subjects were in the correct place a simple search could identify and resolve the problem

Just another example today a question on 98SE.

Everyone coming onto the site is well aware we speak our personal views and our own knowledge

Site contents and use are the realm of realm of the Forum Editor, if this setup is what they want we accept it

  sunnystaines 20:27 09 Oct 2009

I on 22 oct when W7 comes out its shell as a full version vista will no longer be the new kid on the block and join xp & w98 in the help forum

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