Vista Firewall......

  darrenrichie 16:01 12 Oct 2007

I know this has been discussed before but I just wanted to get some more info on this and users experience.
I have used the Vista firewall on it's own for a while but it has never given me any warnings as to what is going out or coming in. Now I know that this could be a good thing but it worries me because how do I know it's doing anything??? I just want to see that it's doing it's job!!
I have put Kerio on and that warns me when something it doesn't recognise comes up. I don't want it telling me everything that is going on but at least I know it's doing something.
Am I being paranoid or is Vista firewall still not a substitute for a 3rd party firewall????
What is your experience with it and has anyone used a online firewall checker to see it's strength?

  tullie 16:24 12 Oct 2007

To be honest,you would be better with a third party one.

  BigB32 20:18 12 Oct 2007

Hi all I too have just installed vista and I too was wondering about a third party firewall instead of the built in version , I connect through a Belkin 7633 which has a firewall built in so is the vista firewall good enough behind the router firewall.
Any thought comments,suggestions gladly received
Cheers for now


  Ashrich 21:32 12 Oct 2007

I can thoroughly recommend PC Tools Firewall Plus for Vista , it's a free download ( don't have the trial of Spyware Doctor with it ) and runs extremely well , not too obtrusive but does exactly what it is supposed to .click here .


  darrenrichie 17:49 14 Oct 2007

Cheers Ashley I am going to have a try of that. I am convinced enough to not rely on the Vista built in firewall.

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