vista is driving me crazy Help please

  garethmccoy 22:59 18 Sep 2007

why is nothing simple on vista!!!
i have two problems if you could help me. firstly i can not delete a folder with has a partly downloaded torrent (an audio book) i have tried the take ownership thing and it still doesnt budge.
secondly i am downloading a torrent file using Azureus which downloads fine at good speed for about 2 or 3 mins it then throws up a message saying. "disk write error bla bla (the process cannot access file because it is being used by another process). open fail flush fails" i dont think it the firewall because its enabled for the use of Azureus. and i dont know what else is trying to access it.
im using norton virus and vista premium by the way.
please help im going to have no hair left!!!

thanks gareth

  superhoops 11:20 19 Sep 2007

I had upgraded my pc to Vista using the "free" upgrade" I was entitled to. Your problem of being unable to delete your own files was just one of many reasons why I eventually put it back to XP. (And my son is really pleased as he can now play his games again that wouldnt run)

  tobyjug472002 11:39 20 Sep 2007

I have had many problems with Vista Home Premium lately, i would imagine that after Microsoft eventually gets their finger/s out and releases a service pack or two, things may get better, as people know there are still many vital updates to do for XP, so personally i think i will stick with XP until more updates are released.

I too have a question but i will start a new thread.


  darrenrichie 12:20 20 Sep 2007

I have disabled UAC and I have also had to delete some folders by activating the REAL administrators account which is disabled by default. This sometimes makes it easier to delete files in this account and then when you ahve finished you can disable it again.

click here

click here

As for the file being accessed make sure that defrag isn't on automatic or that Defender or your AV isn't running a scan in the background.

  tullie 15:44 21 Sep 2007

Had the same problem,rebooted then they deleated

  Sgt Apone 20:57 21 Sep 2007

im sorry to hear your troubles there, if it is vista causing them then its poor show. i cant imagine why its doing it. ive had vista running for 3months or so now and only trouble i had was IE7 going wrong on me but ive gone too firefox now and i never get any troubles. Sounds to me its down to luck if you vista works for you or against you.

  robroy1314 10:48 25 Sep 2007

I am trying to install a cordless usb adapter but the computer asks for a network key what is this please

  norman47 18:51 25 Sep 2007

You should start you're own thread. When it is highlighted on the main Vista page, those who know about network keys should help. You have it buried in a Vista is driving me crazy thread:-)

From what I know and that ain't much, i thin k it wants your routers security wep key. Sometimes these keys are written under the router.

To get better results start that thread.

  Anntnwv 05:52 28 Sep 2007

I have disabled UAC. When I go to E-mail on AOL and delete it will ask me if I am sure I want to delete. When a person has a LOT of E-mail to delete it is frustrating to have this come up. It might be an AOL problem but I never had it with XP. Can I stop this from happening?
Ann in Nashville

  Anntnwv 08:43 08 Nov 2007

Every time I click on my E-mail to open it I have beep from the computer. I have disabled sound,etc but it comes from the computer itself. Does anyone else have this problem and how can I fix it. I hate Vista and if it hadn't came with this computer I wouldn't use it but don't know if I can change it to XP.

Another problem: every time I delete mail it pops up and says do you want to delete.

I disabled UAC thinking that would help.

  Grez79 20:47 13 Feb 2008

I have had the 64bit Home premium edition for 3 weeks now and i have had nothing but hassle.

1) Refuses to let me delete items...

2) Hides configuration files in obscure places and fails to locate them when i search for them

3) Refuses permission to edit/delete/modify objects...

4) Very difficult to personalise or move folders in the main personal folder...

5) Poor support for using folders on two different hard drives...

I want to move back to XP...but i fear i will end up like the "die-hard" windows 98 fans...refusing to move on and evolve...

Basically i am stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Until Vista sorts its act out...i want my money back for it...

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