Vista downgrade???

  William Downey 19:29 22 May 2008

I am desperate to downgrade from Vista Home Basic to Win XP, however I'm concerned that my onboard devices will not work - some of them were built for Vista, according to HP. I'm sick of Vista, it breaks constantly, it's a resource hog and it's very incompatible wirh software.

I daren't ask HP support, they're already fumbling about over my printer! I'm using a HP 530 Nootbook PC.

Help, all you brilliant people!!!!



  Rob_08 20:10 22 May 2008

I dont blame you William !! I think you should be able to find XP drivers for all your devices though. Ask on the HP forum , im sure there a lot of fellow XP users there. Cheers.

  William Downey 20:33 22 May 2008

Would it invalidate my warranty? And would I have problems doing a full system restore from the recovery partition?



  Totally-braindead 21:18 22 May 2008

Would it invalidate your warranty?

I would say yes it probably would and even if it didn't if a hardware failure did occur then they might charge you to repair it as they would have to work with a different OS than was originally installed.

Not quite sure where you are going with the partition question, I think if you install XP on it theres a good chance it would no longer recognise the partition, even if it did recognise the partition it might refuse to load it as you would then be running XP and the partition would be Vista.

I would think this is a bit iffy as an idea to be honest with you.

Had a quick look at the HP website and if its the Notebook you have then there is drivers for it but only for XP Proffessional, none for XP Home and I don't know if this would cause any problems. click here

Hopefully the link will work. If you stated more about the Notebook and your problems maybe someone could help you sort out the problems. Otherwise you could end up scrubbing the PC and being unable to get it working again.

  Yogie 14:53 27 May 2008

My wifw has a HP Pavillion dv9502tx, very high specs and vista home premium installed.after a few month she had problems and I advised her to install XP PRO,clean install,I installed it without a hitch and the lappy runs perfect, faster and no problems.I myself have a MAC BOOK PRO 17 inch ,installed vista ultimate and many problems,formatted partionand installed also XP Pro, but to have a vista look I used vista mizer and we both are very happy now. just go for it
best of luck

  Totally-braindead 12:42 28 May 2008

IF XP drivers exist for your laptop then yes you can install XP instead of Vista. IF they don't exist and you install it anyway then you might find it doesn't work properly and might even be unusable. Its up to you. The only drivers I could see were for XP Pro, there were none for Home and therefore I am unsure they are 100% compatible.

Just because one person has successfully downgraded a different laptop from yours to XP does not mean that downgrading yours will be troublefree. Some have done this successfully but they found there were drivers for XP, some have also totally screwed up their computer and found they couldn't get it to work as they found there were no XP drivers.

Be careful. If someone on the Forum can confirm that the Pro drivers are fine for Home then it should be ok but personally I would prefer to find out what your problems are and fix them.

I say that and I'm not even a Vista fan but you might find your problems are sortable fairly easily. Maybe not but surely worth a try.

  William Downey 16:38 28 May 2008

Could someone confirm whether XP Pro drivers are compatible with XP Home drivers for me?



  chub_tor 16:38 28 May 2008

The spec on the HP530 is not a bad one apart from the lack of memory and I think that if you increased it to 2Gb, installed Vista SP1 you would be better off than downgrading to XP.
Vista SP1 is a big improvement, it loads faster, has a smaller core so takes up less hard drive space and I have been able to get most of my old programmes to run in compatibility mode. You won't be affecting your warranty, the drivers will be OK and with 2Gb RAM you will even be able to run Home Premium instead of Basic and take full advantage of Vista's interface.

  Rob_08 17:01 28 May 2008

Vista SP1 is not a big improvement over XP. As William has already tried Vista and disliked it, sticking SP1 on it is not going to change his mind one little bit .And after using Vista for 5 months myself before returning to the infinitely better XP, i dont blame him for wanting it gone.

All but the graphics driver for pro will work on home edition to.
I have checked the website for drivers that you supplied William and under "Release notes" most state they work on the following.

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional


  tullie 17:38 28 May 2008

Stick with Vista

  chub_tor 17:47 28 May 2008

"All but the graphics driver for pro will work on home edition to"

Bit of a bummer if you can't see anything after the downgrade don't you think?

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