Vista Defrag Anomaly

  tobur 19:30 17 Aug 2009

Vista Home Premium-SP2 on Dell Studio Laptop. Hard Disk 250GB (with recovery partition) -
Disk Defrag Analysis from Command Prompt shows 0 percent file fragmentation ans says 'you do not need to defragment this volume'
Disk analysis with third party program such as Defraggler shows disk defragmentation as 59 percent. Does this make sense?
I'm afraid I'm not very experienced with Computers so I don't understand this discrepancy.

  mooly 07:50 20 Aug 2009

Thats a huge discrepancy.
Just guessing but I suspect it may be to do with the file sizes that each "considers" to be a fragment.
Vista's standard defrag (not run from cmd.exe I think only counts anything under 64mb as a fragment.
If you run from command line you do have the option to defrag all file sizes... something I have done many times, and the new detailed report then shows no folders fragmented etc.
I found with command prompt report that sometimes the headline figure varied wildly, as high as 9% fragmentation (still say's defrag not needed) and if I check again a couple of days later it was back down to 1 or 2% (auto defrag turned OFF).
After a clean Vista install (following a problem that all began with someone asking about a defrag defrag problem unbelievably) I am letting Vista run defrag on a schedule and will see how it performs.
And it all started with this :)

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  T0SH 20:14 21 Aug 2009

I think the main reason for the inaccuracy of the defragmentation needed calculation, is that the percentage fragmentation is calculated based on the full size of the hard drive, not the current space used, so a drive with only 10% used space would probably never be reported as in need, where as one with 70% used space would be reported as required

I think this has been the case in every version of windows to date

Cheers HC

  kobaltzx 14:44 08 Sep 2009

instal ashampoo magical defrag @ forget about defragging

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