Vista Codec Package

  sunny staines 16:12 14 Jun 2008

anyone used this before can post feedback.

click here

i find a lot of dvd's that play in xp do not in vista.

  rdave13 16:50 14 Jun 2008

I use the K-Lite from file hippo with no problems. Sorry don't know about your package.

  sunny staines 16:53 14 Jun 2008

whats the best way to instal k-lite i had problems when i tried to use it a whileback.

  rdave13 17:55 14 Jun 2008

If you had problems with it then might be better to leave alone. I just downloded it and ran with setting at default.
The problem I had was that WMP 11 decided to not show videos. It would run OK in the preview mode but not if full mode. K-Lite fixed it.

  ened 16:00 15 Jun 2008

It is worth trying again because it allows WMP to play all files.

Try it from click here

Seventh one down (Full).

Like rdave13 I downloaded it, it installed itself automatically in the right place and there have been no apparent side effects.

  sunny staines 20:24 15 Jun 2008

ened & rdave13

thanks for the info i will try again, last time i had xp and it did not go very well.

  sunny staines 12:00 16 Jun 2008

thanks to the advice by ened & rdave had another go at install of k-lite.

install went ok on vista, and tested playback on a few bits all ok.

only question during install there were loads of codec tick boxes to opt for, apart from changing default to media player I left the boxes alone. Should I have ticked the lot?

  ened 13:11 16 Jun 2008

I really can't remember what I did.

I have Vista Ultimate and K-Lite has an entry in All Programs so if you have any problems or want to change something I assume you can do it from there.

I have never used that because, as I said before, I installed it and forgot about it.

Thinking about it I would think you probably want to tick all the boxes because WMP will then play anything you ask it to.

Since installing I have been able to play everything!

  ened 13:13 16 Jun 2008

By the way did you have any problems with the download site I linked?

On another thread someone told me Macafee had identified the page as a potential problem.

  sunny staines 15:25 16 Jun 2008


i had the warning but download went ok.

when playing back [music from riped cds] in media player if i surf using IE7 I get distortion of music while page opens.

not sure what that is cannot find it in klite help.

  rdave13 15:43 16 Jun 2008

When I downloaded the codec pack I ticked nothing. Under 'tools' in K-Lite in all programs- GSpotv2.70a shows 238 codecs loaded. (Whatever that means!)As ened I downloaded and forgot it. Downloaded from here; click here

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