Vista AVG 9.0 problem

  igk 15:30 24 Oct 2009

There is a problem regarding the upgrade to AVG free edition 9.0.
AVG in their wisdom have decided to turn off windows defender anyone who upgrades will see a new icon in their taskbar warning that it has been turned off,also I have found that if you have Ad-Aware installed it also turns off the Live Watch part of Ad-Aware.
There are several questions about this on the AVG forum but few answers the only one that can be found is that this was done with the approval of Microsoft as it can slow down boot up time if windows defender and the new AVG upgrade both run at the same time.
I think it's time to find another good free antivirus application!!!

  sharpamat 19:41 25 Oct 2009

I havent had this problem, just checked on AVG forum. Which advises enable it and advises keep it on click here
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  Teaboy 16:52 27 Oct 2009

I had the same occur to me after AVG update. I clicked on windows defender and re-activated it.

All is well, everything works.

  igk 19:49 27 Oct 2009

I tried doing this but it was disabled again after every boot up and looking at various forums including Microsoft this is happening to many users.
I also contacted a Microsoft tech person and it was clearly stated that Windows defender should NEVER be disabled I hope that they will soon be having words with AVG.
I have in the meantime gone back to AVG 8.5 with no problems and have advised the people who's computers I help to look after not to upgrade to the 9.0 version.

  keith mac 11:36 28 Oct 2009

thanks for the warning

I've had other AVG problems when updating

Shouldn't updating imply making things better?

  peter99co 22:42 04 Nov 2009

and moved to Microsoft Security Essentials and on a first scan on an old machine found a trojan.

I did the same with a friends machine and it picked up a trojan on his. (not the same trojan)

Not found by AVG at all.

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