vista and Acronis 10 on toshiba laptop

  ROB.R 10:16 02 Jun 2007

hi i have a toshiba laptop and i tried to load norton goback on but it would not because my laptop has a toshiba partion on it so i can go back to when i got it when it was new. but my problem with that is i will have to put on aol and msn and all that. will acronis go on please help me.

  anskyber 10:31 02 Jun 2007

Yes and it works with Vista, at least version 10 does. If you do a full image then everything including aol, msn and all your settings will be imaged.

  rawprawn 11:22 02 Jun 2007

As anskyber says Acronis V 10 works with Vista, but you may not be able to create an "Acronis Secure Zone" because of the Toshiba Recovery partition. (I can't on my Vaio) you need to back up to an external HDD

  Pine Man 09:24 03 Jun 2007

I have a recovery partition on my Vista PC and I also have Acronis 10 installed.

If I do a full back up the default position is for it to back up the hard drive without the recovery position. So make sure that you also tick the recovery partition box as well then the complete contents of your hard drive will be copied.

  Pine Man 09:27 03 Jun 2007

In the second para for recovery postion read recovery partition!!!

  Bam ! 12:45 13 Jun 2007

Well I have acronis 10 bulid 4940 and made 3 images at different stages of my Toshiba Laptop to an external hard drive !
Never a problem with my other PCs running XP. I tried to restore an image firstly through windows running acronis, and then using the boot disk. Both images were validated also !
Both times the laptop would try to start and shutdown immediately all withing about 5secs. This cycle could only be stopped by holding down the power button. Only on the first power up again would you see the Toshiba splash screen but only for a moment before it went into its power up shutdown cycle repeat.
Toshiba advised me there should be nothing preventing the image restore.
Had to revert to the Toshiba recovery disks to restore the O/S but that scrubbed the whole drive including the D recovery and E partition.
Well annoyed !
So will now try the latest Build 4942, and firstly maybe try another Toshiba recovery to restore the partitions, then image with Vista and the try a restore of that image !
If I have any luck this time will advise !
Best Regards

  anskyber 13:53 13 Jun 2007

Build 4942 has been out for more than 3 months and it, together with the previous 4941, includes vista restore fixes. 4940 is now quite an old build.

  Bam ! 12:59 14 Jun 2007

Well after at least 10 backup and restores I think I have finally cracked it. (Two more tests to try). Just to Clarify on Toshiba laptops (well at least my Tecra) there is a hidden partition of 1.4gb installed for recovery purposes, BUT NOT to store an image. Initially I could view this in explorer, but after a recovery restore the partition is there, but only hidden. Can be seen in Disk Management from control panel. This plus the MBR, and the Cdrive when imaged together and restored with Acronis eventually worked. But loads of information I have discovered also. Will try to repeat this success again later and see if I can maintain a D partition as well on restore, so no data is lost as before. No winload errors and booted up perfectly (as it should). Used build 4942, pretty sure that was not the reason for success !

  RussB74 12:02 15 Jun 2007

Just bought Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 & True Image 10 this week, biuld 2,077 & 4,871 Respectively.
Failed to register the products on the Acronis Site , but would not be able to download those very large updates anyway, i`m only on Dialup.
A waste of my money I think and Going Cheap.

  Bam ! 23:46 15 Jun 2007

Well I have found a resolution, albeit a temporary one ! I will not write a war and peace episode here, as I do not want to waste any more heartbeats on this problem.
So to Summarise as brief as possible!
1. Acronis 10 is great on XP ......Excellent !
2. Acronis 10 and Vista with a Toshiba Laptop with a hidden 1.4gb partition for recovery purposes, is another proposition !
3. Put Simply, if you want to use Acronis in this scenario, Then BACK UP THE WHOLE DISK ! DON'T TRY AND JUST IMAGE AND RESTORE THE C DRIVE. You will get a non bootable laptop, or winload.exe error !
4. The only success I have had, and that is using recovery discs, the inbuilt vista image programme and Acronis is to Image the whole disc.
5. I had a C: D: and toshiba 1.4gb partions on a 60gb disk. Image and Restore the C Drive only seems to be fatal, especially if you have repointed you Data folders to the D drive (i.e. email, my docs etc). These links also get mess around.
If anyone finds a solution to this by just specifying the C partition, please let us all know! Worked fine in XP, but vista is coded differently for disc mapping and symbolic links for file referencing.
Best Regards Paul

  ROB.R 12:29 07 Jul 2007

has any body go any more ideas please

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