Vista + Access Manager; crash when installing.

  cowgirl66 13:06 07 Sep 2007

Hi, I'm trying to install Access Manager but each time the computer crashes. This is a brief summary of what happens.

1. I open the file in my Downloads folder. (Strange that it's a .zip file with an Internet Explorer icon, to be opened wtih I.E. by default).

2. Immediately, the webpage starts to flash on and off as does the icon in my taskbar.

3. I try to close this by right-clicking on the Icon in my task bar... no luck and anyway it's jolly hard to click on the icon at the right moment before it flashes off again.

4. I try to close it down by going to Task manager and into processes. I try to End the Process but it won't work.

5. My only option is to turn off the computer and start again.

I have .NET 2 installed so it can't be that.

Any ideas, anyone? Hope so! :-)

  cowgirl66 13:08 07 Sep 2007

I have downloaded two files from two locations now as a tester; one from Snapfiles which was where Access Manager sent me, the other was from

  Pine Man 19:54 07 Sep 2007

I have Access Manager running on Vista.

I think the problem is contained within the brackets in your item 1.

Mine is certainly a zip file but nothing to do with IE. You do realise that you have to extract the files from the zip file before you can install it?

  cowgirl66 09:20 08 Sep 2007

Does your download file appear with an IE icon? Mine does. The default opening method is with my PowerArchiver, but that makes no difference.

All I can tell you is that the file is an Internet Explorer ZIP file of 2,048 KB size and flashes like crazy when I try to extract it.

What sort of icon is with your download file? Mine isnt even called an 'application'.

Sorry to be a pain over this but I'm getting nowhere fast and I'm sure there must be a simple answer somewere.

  cowgirl66 09:25 08 Sep 2007

Please forgive me for being a waste of time but the answer WAS simple and I now have Access Manager opened.

Thanks Pine Man. The matter is closed :-)

  Pine Man 18:52 08 Sep 2007

Good news :-)

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