Virus shutting down my computer

  kellabella83 19:38 03 May 2017

I have a bad virus on my pc after downloading something that I thought was safe (I know, im stupid). I opened the task manager and the file "demerit" was listed multiple times. I tried to get rid of them by ending the task but it didn't help. I also tried deleting the files in safe mode but I got "you don't have permission" or "can't delete bc file is open in another program"

A few hours later a screen saying "configuring updates don't shut down computer" popped up and after that I got a message saying exactly this:

"Microsoft Windows has detected some suspicious activities on this computer. Due to having a Network Security Breach your Microsoft Windows got de-activated, to activate enter the product key".

Then it gives this Error Code: 0x00AEM001489

Then a support phone number to call- 1-855-532-0777

I shut down and restarted the computer a few times. Within a few minutes of being logged in the message about configuring updates would take over and log me out. Very frustrating bc I don't have time to even try and fix anything know.

Please help!! Thank you :)

  Govan1x 23:18 03 May 2017

Phishing scam probably. Run Malwarebytes if you can or adw Cleaner. Dont use the phone number.

  rdave13 23:22 03 May 2017

Have a look at this, click here , its for Windows 8.1 but the only difference is how to get to safe mode. Worth using another PC to download rkill and malwarebytes, save to a flash drive then copy to the infected PC and install.

  lotvic 23:39 03 May 2017

Got to state obvious (sorry) don't enter product key, and don't ring the phone number

Read the manual guides to removing the nasty fake alert and only use the free versions of the programs - there is no need to purchase any. click here

This is same as rdave13's link click here

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