Is this a virus?

  jaimie 08:39 02 Aug 2008

My Acer comp running Vista HP with AVG virus software has started to show an irritating message but ONLY when using internet explorer. The message is" A website wants to open web content using this programme on your computer, the prog will open outside of IE protected mode, if you don't trust this website don't open it"

The prog is Adobe Flash Player, if I allow it, the message constantly repeats, if I don't allow it responds to closing it but reapears a minute or so later. AVG reports itself to be up to date, Windows defender reports no malicious activity. Does anyone know about this and how to get rid of it please?



  brundle 10:05 02 Aug 2008

No it's not a virus. Check your security settings in IE - set them to medium-high, default. Better still use Firefox as your main browser.
I've fixed this problem using the above method on someone else's Vista PC, but have an on-going issue on mine where Flash totally refuses to work properly in IE without running as admin. Not found a solution to that yet....

  jaimie 11:36 02 Aug 2008

Relieved to know its not a virus, I'll do as you suggest and report back.



  skidzy 13:02 02 Aug 2008

Im not trying to tell you to suck eggs etc,but what version of flash are you using ?

As you probably know Flash 10 is a beta (was last time i checked),however there are a few problems here and there.Ive seen a couple of systems with a similar problem with 10 but this seems to cure it click here

Even if you dont have 10 and dont mind playing with a beta,maybe its worth a go.

Sorry Jaimie,didnt mean to hijack your thread.

  brundle 13:15 02 Aug 2008

Hi Skidzy, 9.0124 - I tried all the usual fixes, IE security, official uninstaller, revo, SubinACL(?) to fix permissions problems in the registry, the Flash debugger download, Sysinternals ProcessMonitor (too much information) but I haven't tried the beta yet. I do have it on my XP system, but it seems to prevent access to a few sites that aren't expecting the beta. I'll give it a go next time I boot into Vista. It's not a huge problem as I use Firefox mainly and Flash is fine with that, but it ought to work in IE without issues. First time I've seen the /clean switch too, something else to try - thanks for the info.

  jaimie 13:19 02 Aug 2008

Interesting idea, I actually don't know which version i have but i'll check and apply the solution you suggest. I have restored the comp to the day before yesterday and the problem has gone so I guess this means it downloaded something in the night and that's why I have the problem.



  skidzy 15:44 02 Aug 2008

Just a quick thought guys and easily missed,if you have Spywareblaster installed and updated-check that your Flashkiller is not checked.

In the past,Regscrub has been a pain with Flash as has Ccleaner at times.If you have run Ccleaner (registry) and made the backup,maybe this is worth restoring to see if this is the cause.

  skidzy 15:51 02 Aug 2008

Just a small bit of info for you and this does happen quite a lot when some cannot get a newer version to run,they revert to an older version producing a failed installation,also contains the clean switch command. click here

  sunny staines 21:20 02 Aug 2008

had this happen to someone last week. cured it but going to adobe site using their unistall tool to clear flash player then reinstall it from their site again.

  jaimie 08:07 03 Aug 2008

I was using ver 9 and there is a newer version 9.1.8 I think it is. I downloaded the new version and it warned that you MUST remove the old before installing the new, this I did and all appears to be OK now. Thanks to everyone for an interesting discussion and a resolution

  brundle 16:25 03 Aug 2008

Apologies for adding to a resolved thread, after some experimentation my Flash issue was resolved by creating a new account.

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