virtual keyboard with paste and delay

  ed777 22:19 08 Dec 2016


i need a virtual keyboard that you can paste into that has a delay. so each character gets typed in after a few milliseconds or so. is there any software out there that will do this?

  lotvic 23:24 08 Dec 2016

Windows 10 ? Do you mean like the: All Apps > Windows 'Ease of Access' > On Screen keyboard > Options (key is on the keyboard) > Hover over keys > hover duration (slider control) ?

  ed777 00:39 09 Dec 2016

no, i mean u can paste into it

  lotvic 12:04 09 Dec 2016

virtual keyboard that you can paste into

no, sorry, I don't understand what it is you are asking.

  ed777 12:15 09 Dec 2016

i want a virtual keyboard that outputs a macro. but it will do it at a certain rate so it will type something into an emulator. but i need to b able to paste a program into it

  lotvic 12:26 09 Dec 2016

Sorry I can't be of help, suggest you do a search and see what the wider internet throws up as suggestions.

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