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  dabthoms 15:49 30 Oct 2011

Why do video files in windows 7 always appear at least twice in the video folder? Deleting the surplus ones means that all (with the same name) vanish. I'd be grateful for the explanation that enables me to have just one of each.

  difarn 22:18 07 Nov 2011


This may be of help:-

First of all as a back up make a new video folder and call it something other than the video folders you already have e.g. dabthoms videos - right-click on your video folder and copy to your new folder. Then....

Go into Libraries and open Videos

In the library pane, next to "Includes" it will probably say in blue "2/3 locations". Click on this

You will probably see 2/3 (one being the new folder you have just made) entries for where videos are stored - click on the one you want to be the default save location and delete the other one that is not the new back up folder.

See if your second copies disappear and then delete your new folder.


  dabthoms 14:45 08 Nov 2011

Well, difarn, to a certain extent, there has been an improvement. Inasmuch as I no longer have two of each video in the same folder. What I have now in the Library is Videos containing all my videos which appear with a single click, while a double click produces My Videoa with the same videos yet again. I cannot for the life of me remember having this situation in any other Windows OS or does my memory let me down.

  difarn 07:41 09 Nov 2011

Hello again,

It is part of this OS and the introduction of libraries - this link explains how it works:-

It is trying to say that the videos in the folder "Videos" are the same ones as the ones in the folder "My Videos" - not duplicates! Takes a lot to get your head around it doesn't it.

Hope this helps.

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