Very Wierd Sidebar Proble

  NETCHRIS 17:51 02 Aug 2008

I just noticed this problem yesterday. Basically, I have Windows Vista Home Premium (Not SP1) and I always hvae the sidebar running, but for some reason, I cannot add any gadgets that are not made by Microsoft such as Top Processes and POP3 Check, when I add them by dragging, they do not turn into their gadget form but rather just get stuck to where theyre dragged as the icon of that gadget. You can't get rid of them unless you add a gadget by Microsoft. How can I get my previous non-Microsft made gadgets working on the Sidebar (or anywhere else for that matter) working again?

  mrwoowoo 19:03 02 Aug 2008

Does right clicking the sidebar and clicking add gadgets, work.Then double clicking the gadget you want?

  NETCHRIS 19:23 02 Aug 2008

Nope it doesn't work for any non-Microsoft gadget.

  BurrWalnut 19:27 02 Aug 2008

Sometime restoring the system to a previous date works.

If it doesn‘t work, try this. Go to the Windows Orb (Start) > Run (if the Run command is not there, go to All Programs > Accessories and then click Run), type REGSVR32 SCRRUN.DLL and press Enter. Now repeat the command twice more, replacing SCRRUN.DLL with JSCRIPT.DLL then MSXML3.DLL. The capitals are for clarity only.

Restart the computer.

If the reregistration of the dlls doesn’t work, try reinstalling Java, get the Vista version here click here

  NETCHRIS 17:59 03 Aug 2008

Thanks BurrWalnut! That worked very well, I did exactly what you did with the reseting of the Dll's and restarted and everything worked!

When I booted my PC up again I was shocked to find all the gadgets I had dragged to the desktop but had turned invisible (At least 50 of them), this explains why last night my RAM was up 70% with 40.6% of it being hogged by Sidebar and why my shutdown did not help.

Thanks alot!

- Chris

  NETCHRIS 17:59 03 Aug 2008


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