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Very odd text box at start-up since Win 10 update

  griffon56 01:01 17 May 2018

Hi All, since the Win 10 April update the following has appeared on my TalkTalk home page. There's a text box captioned "Another instance is running" and in the box, the words, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". Whatever is this, please? It never fails to amaze me the rubbish which somehow gets into computers. I get the feeling that it must be something to do with Google Earth, but I can't find any mention of objects in the Google Earth menus. It can be got rid of, but not by OK-ing it, only by closing the box down. I think it's harmless, but I don't want it!

  Gordon Freeman 10:32 17 May 2018

Take a look at these:


  griffon56 13:13 18 May 2018

Thank you Gordon, that looks like the answer, I'll have a go at getting rid of the supposed culprits. Regards, Rog

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