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very odd this, I cant preview photos in w10

  laptopdunce 11:36 01 Aug 2017

this is very strange, this has suddenly happened, you dont now get the "preview" tab in photos when you open them from the file folder in W10 but an "open" tab at the top, but now all of a sudden on my W10 laptop if I open a photo I dont get "open" at the top of the menu box showing, its really annoying, the list of options starts with "edit, edit wth paint, set as desktop background etc., etc.," I have to scroll down this list to "open with" and then opens another window with the windows photos icon and then it will open the photo, how can I alter it back to having the "open" tab at the top of the first menu when I right click on a photo?? cant understand what has happened here, it changed on its own the other day. So frustrating when you are adding photos to an email and you have to go through all this rigmarole when checking you have the right photo from a folder, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 11:55 01 Aug 2017

I think I have fixed it, I went into settings and clicked on apps and then there was a blank greyed out icon for the photoviewer so I clicked on the options and chose the windows photo viewer and applied, and now it is opening with the "open" tab at the top of the menu when I right click on a photo!! I must be learning!!! thanks laptopdunce

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