Vertical (Pixel like) lines across the screen

  George Wa 17:35 19 Nov 2016

My problem started 2 to 3 months back. Since then there started a vertical "pixel" line to appear. I have looked for many solutions on the internet, but I could not find someone with the same plobleem. A time ago, a second line appeared. I think there is a problem with the connection of the screen because i think it is caused by closing and opening my laotop, but I'm not really sure. Also i don't really dare to fix this without 'professional' recommendation' or to know for sure that this is the problem. I'd rather not send it for repair, because this is my only pc.

Photo's: First line:click here line:click here

Second href

  George Wa 17:36 19 Nov 2016


click here


  alanrwood 10:34 21 Nov 2016

Your problem is almost certainly a connection fault between the motherboard and the display screen. If you don't feel capable of stripping down the laptop and reseating the cable then you have no choice but to ask a professional repair outfit to do it. It is very unlikely to be a faulty display screen.

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