verrrrrrrrry slow start up

  tomma 22:38 29 Oct 2007

hi guys, be gentle with me iam new to pc is about 3 months old running vista on dual core 213,ati radeon x1950, 2 gig ram. a few days ago the start up took ages and has been like that since.when i turn the pc on it sits for about 10 mins with the vm 950 f2 screen then windows boots up..have tried everything in forum relating to slow start up.would welcome any advice guys. thanks in advance

  Mike10C 23:23 29 Oct 2007

Have you looked at restore points to see if you have one from before the machine became slow. If so restore back to then and hopefully it will be ok. Remember that any programme installations or upgrades after that restore point will then be missing. Only add these one at a time to identify if one of these caused your problem.

  mrwoowoo 23:41 29 Oct 2007

Here are some tools and utilites that you can use to troubleshoot slow boot times/startup performance issues on a Microsoft Windows Vista computer.
click here

  tomma 23:47 29 Oct 2007

thanks mike10c, i have already restored my computer but no luck

  cynical lemming 12:46 30 Oct 2007

You may have already thought of these, but:
1) From reading other articles I have found that disk indexing and populating the prefetch sometimes take time. Have you tinkered with any of the settings relating to these?
2) Do you actually know what programs are set to run at startup? (There's a nifty sidebar gadget available that shows what percentage of system resources are being used by which applications which can be quite revealing....)
3) I presume you have antivirus software installed, but is it set to scan things on startup?
4) If these suggestions are no help, take stopwatch in hand and see if the delay is consistent. Does it make a difference if the machine is connected to the internet or not?

Just a few thoughts, hope they are useful. I too am somewhat of a non-expert so I look forward to finding out the correct solution!

  tomma 10:24 31 Oct 2007

switched on my pc this morning and it loaded like rocket.tried restarting and everything is fine.thanks anyway guys for the advice, yous are the wishes tom

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