VAC: Splitting the System Audio

  ZRC2011 22:51 19 Aug 2013

What I want to be able to do is split the system audio so that my Game audio and Skype audio are on 2 different streams, I also want it so that any remaining application audio is put into another stream.

I currently have a setup where my Audio is split into 2 streams, via VACs. The first is Skype audio, and the second is the rest of my system audio. I use this for my video recording, so that I can remove background (white) noise from the skype caller's audio.

I have 3 VACs: 1: Skype Audio 2: System Audio 3: Joint Audio

I currently have Skype outputting to (1) and my default speakers set to (2). I then send (1) and (2) to (3) via Audio Repeaters, which I then send the content of (3) to my headset. I sometimes have 2 headsets in use, so I load another Audio Repeater and send (3) to the second headset as well. The issues I'm facing is that I receive a lot of crackling and popping noises coming through BOTH headsets. It only seems to happen when both (1) and (2) are linked to (3). When, for example, only (1) is, there is usually no popping or crackling, the same for when only (2) is connected.

I want to extend this further and have 3 streams, 1 for Game, 1 for Skype and the third for ANYTHING else... I don't want to use Virtual Audio Cable as when I use it, it likes to crackle and slow all the audio down... Unless you know a fix for this I need another way of doing it... I also want to be able to route the Audio through 2 USB headsets for Dual Commentaries... And finally, I do NOT have access to Stereo Mix, the way my Headset works, is that it disables it from use.

Thanks for any help and just ask if you need more information...

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