UTorrent & Windows 10 Do I need this program?

  Susan Lawless 00:45 07 Dec 2018

Purchased a new computer. UTorrent was installed. I have windows 10 and use google chrome & verizon fios internet. Everytime I download anything it always saves to UTorrent or win something and when I try to retrieve my file, I can't and advised I need UTorrent Pro. My ? is, do I need this program? If I remove it will I still be able to download and save files?

  Govan1x 12:00 07 Dec 2018

Is it a new computer or 2nd hand. I have never known UTorrent to come with new computers But times change I suppose and maybe it is allowed nowadays.

Probably you should be able to delete it from all programs but as it is a program I have never used maybe wait till you get other replys.

  martd7 14:12 07 Dec 2018

If it is a new computer ,no it should not have uTorrent installed

  Susan Lawless 23:16 08 Dec 2018

Thank you for your replies. Yes, this is a new computer however a friend set it up for me, so maybe he installed this utorrent. Do you know, if I delete this program, will I still be able to download and save to my documents? I just don't want to delete something my computer needs by accident. Thanks again for your help & assistance!!!

  wee eddie 03:46 09 Dec 2018

I would speak to your friend and ask why uTorrent was installed

  wee eddie 14:55 09 Dec 2018

Ever since I first read this thread, I have been wondering what else "your friend" put on it?

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