Utilities That Work

  crosstrainer 17:12 21 Jan 2009

With 7. I will add to this as I find / try them, so far:

Ccleaner (works fine, no issues)

JK Defrag (as above) Since the built in defrag in 7 is just as bad as the one in Vista (I've asked about this so will let everyone know what they have to say) I think they may have given up since so many third party defrag programmes are better and faster.

AVG8 free version is fine

Superantispyware is fine

Will add as I go.

  Devil Fish 18:28 21 Jan 2009

Avira Anti vir
Auslogics disk dfrag
open office 3.0

all working with no issues

  JYPX 09:18 26 Jan 2009

Have been looking at what seems to me to be a novel Firewall solution. Vista Firewall Control is a small application which integrates with the Windows 7 firewall to give control over outbound traffic without having to configure that part of the Windows firewall. It seems to work quite well and is very simple to use. It detects any software attempting outbound traffic and presents four options. Allow once. Allways allow . Deny once. Allways deny. And it's free.
click here

I use Outpost with XP but they don't have a version ready for the beta - yet.

  bremner 11:58 26 Jan 2009

In your other thread you say don't use Superantispyware. click here

Have you found a fix?

  crosstrainer 13:10 26 Jan 2009

Not on my AMD test machine, although others have had more luck by disabling it in msconfig (after the BSOD) and then running it. Didn't work for me though.

  crosstrainer 16:11 26 Jan 2009

Doom3 (with the last patch (all the Doom games run in SLI with the BETA driver from Nvidia)

Adaware AE

Cant get Nero to work, but as mentioned above, god old XP burner pro works fine:

click here

All features work correctly, including ISO file burning.

  harold s 14:19 28 Feb 2009

Have loaded Nero, plus a number of old programs for my 8 year old still camara and vidio camara all using compatability mode. have noticed a slow down with all the extra loaded.still beter than XP Pro

  FreeCell 12:44 23 Apr 2009

Nero Essentials v7.0 loads(but if you allow it to update then it removes the old version and doesn't install the update!) Not tried burning a disc yet though.
LightScribe function with Nero didn't install but LightScribe software based on HP did.


CoffeCup Free FTP v4.0

SyncBack SE

Avery Design Pro Lite V5.0

Whisper 32 (surprising as this little password wallet application was written for Win 95!)

Also tried MS Money 2000 and MS Frontpage 2000 and both seem to work fine.

So far only had problems with a webcam and with a networked all-in-one from HP. Printer installs fine but Vista driver/software doesn't work so still trying to sort out scanning functions. May be simpler if it was USB connected but, hey, where is the challenge in that!

  iambeavis 09:49 06 May 2009

Macrium reflect - click here - is disk imaging software similar to Acronis TI and the free version works with Windows 7. Being free, it's slightly less well featured than the commercial version, but it fulfills it's main function very well and, being free, it's a bit of a bargain.

  rawprawn 15:30 14 May 2009

Here is what I have installed with no problems.
MS Money 2002
MalwareBytes Pro

  crosstrainer 09:32 16 May 2009

Are you going to install RC1 or wait for the official release?

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