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Using USB mem stick as RAM?

  dagbladet 14:01 07 May 2008

Due to a lack of thorough research, I rather jumped in and bought a Vista Home Premium laptop with 1 gb RAM. Ever the optomist I set about scouring t'interweb for various methods of speeding it up a bit. I turned of Aero, sidebar and set the graphics for max performance etc. Last night someone told me that by inserting a USB stick I can improve the performance. I've tried wording this query in various ways but am having no luck in my searches. Does anyone know anything about this tweak?

  sunny staines 14:30 07 May 2008

click here

click here

hope these links help. you need 2g ram to get vista running fast.

  dagbladet 07:27 08 May 2008

Thanks for those responses. I've now tried it with a 2gb mem stick. Can't say it made much difference, but I'm not really sure what to expect.

  dagbladet 15:45 08 May 2008

It isn't any bother, I just plug it into the side. I was just wondering if anybody had any experience.

Once you told me it was called 'Readyboost', I found loads of stuff on the net(cheers). Unfortunately I have 512 per slot, and no spare slot, so I'd have to buy 2 gigs. As for the 'Crucial' mem tool, it must be me, but on three machines I have owned it has never been able to pin down the exact spec of my RAM (I'm sort of lucky with things like that).

  sunny staines 17:39 08 May 2008

use this to get specs of your pc including ram, its a free program

pcwizard 2008 click here

  dagbladet 09:17 14 May 2008

Well, i've tried it for a week now. I used an unbranded (promotional gift) 2Gig stick which was 'accepted' by Readyboost. I played around with photo editing, watched a DVD, streamed some radio, surfed the web. I'm not sure that I noticed any difference and it certainly did not improve the boot up time. For some reason this morning, the same stick was deemed not suitable for Readyboost. End of trial. No better no worse.

  bremner 15:01 21 May 2011

Brainy Bob

I see this is your first post to the Forum, welcome.

FYI It is not a good practice to rehash a thread that is over 3 years old. You should start a new thread and I would suggest in Helproom.

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